Ethnic Pride and the Development of African American Youths

African American people are trying, as much as possible, to connect with the spiritual and social perspective of their ancestors. There is a significance in connecting with their heritage, and this is, for many, something that has enabled them to prosper in American. Take, for instance, Karen Phillips, wife of Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, who is proud of her heritage and has studied it to a great extent. She is also using her current position to encourage more African Americans to achieve similar Read more [...]

How Charles Phillips Is Redefining His Role as Infor CEO

Charles Phillips has been CEO of Infor for some time now, and he is now at a critical point. Investing very heavily in completely changing the software the enterprise has, the time for results is now. With Charles Phillips’ wife Karen at his side to support him through this and his philanthropic enterprises, he feels he can make it. What he seems to be doing is to get Infor to catch up to other big companies. Many of the companies that he now classes as his competitors are those who saw consumerization Read more [...]

Simple Tips To Have A Stronger Start With Your Startup

Entrepreneurs normally have some huge problems when they start a brand new company because of so many different reasons. It is normally difficult to get things running right and every single experience will be different. It is really important that you do all that you can in order to improve chances of success. Because of this, based on the work of successful businessmen like Charles Phillips, here are some tips to help you start on the right foot. Always Offer Something That People Really Want Read more [...]

The importance of local knowledge when leading a private equity acquisition

The private equity industry is arguably one of the most intriguing around. From the outside, some are mistaken to believe that it's all based around profit - and any firm that isn't turning over a healthy figure is never going to be considered for a private equity acquisition. However, if one delves further into the industry, it's clear that the above is not true in the slightest. While some companies may only invest in healthy firms, others may rely on their confidence in their ability to turn Read more [...]

How To Choose The Appropriate Business Consulting Firm

Choosing the right business consulting firm seems to be really simple. You think about background, price and reputation. However, this is not enough to be sure that your choice is the proper one. John Ahlf, a specialist in the field, highlights that in most cases the companies choose someone that cannot really help them because research is not done properly. If you want to be sure that you made the right choice, here are some factors you will always want to consider. Client Outcome Your main interest Read more [...]

4 easy habits that will change your life

You've probably met people who just seem to have it all together: organized, productive get-goers who make the most of their time, but also have plenty of time to relax. Balancing your career, family obligations, studies and leisure can seem overwhelming sometimes. This may be because you are thinking of balance from a sacrifice paradigm - "add from here, subtract from there". If you do this, you might find yourself pushing too hard in some areas and missing out on many of the things that matter Read more [...]

Catering Service for Your Corporate Event

It is a challenging task to be able to find the right caterer for your corporate event. These programs are usually organized on a larger scale compared to personal events like birthday parties. In addition, there is a certain level of professionalism that must be maintained. If you are in charge of organizing such an event, there are many factors you must consider. A lot of things, including your reputation, depend on the quality of organization and behavior of the caterers. Chef-driven catering Read more [...]

Transition from Me to We | Becoming a Girl Boss

Being a female business owner isn't easy. Even with the great support and motivation that women receive from having an online or offline female business network, it's hard to find the balance between our work, our families, and other responsibilities. This pressure is further escalated once we make the next big step: hiring employees. If your business is at the point at which you can hire staff- you should be proud! It means that you are doing something right! However, you might find that you have Read more [...]

Save Money on Gifts by Never Missing the Mark

We've all been there. Spent too much time and way too much money on a gift that only evoke a "yeahhhh" and a cold thank you from the recipient. The worst thing is that after an experience like that, next time you give a gift to that person, you only end up spending MORE time and MORE money in order to compensate for the poor delivery of the last present. Let's end this very terrible loop of bad gifting right now. It's time to invest in some gifts that never miss the mark and also deliver a punch, Read more [...]

Making that fur scarf look lovely on you

Fur scarves make fabulous extras for the greater part of your garments whether it is easygoing, work, tasteful. These dazzling articles can add that small something additional to your outfit that you required without going over the edge on adornments. Additionally, it will keep you comfortable, agreeable and warm amid the icy season! They are utilitarian, delicate, exemplary, dependably in style, and extravagant. You can get a fur scarf in such a large number of various hues, birthplaces, surfaces, Read more [...]