He was one of the world’s greatest visionary‚Äôs; some have suggested that we’ll struggle to see a man like him ever again. Like him or loathe him, Steve Jobs was one of a kind and left a lasting legacy not just at Apple, but the whole world.

Since his death almost five years ago, even more has been released into the public domain about Jobs and exactly what made him tick. The fact that movies have been created about him says everything you need to know about the nature of this man – he was fascinating to say the least.

There are hundreds of facts on Jobs, ranging from his favorite breakfast cereal to his personal wealth. We’ve decided to compile three of our favorite ones; the ones which really made us raise our eyebrows and admire the guy even more. Here goes.

Like Toy Story? Thank Steve.

Sure, most of the coverage on Steve Jobs revolves around Apple – and rightly so. However, there’s perhaps one other company that many of us know about, and Jobs had a massive part to play in it.

Jobs’ dismissal from Apple years ago is well-documented, but what many don’t realize is that his time away from the company was used incredibly effectively. He ended up buying a certain animation studio going by the name of Pixar – which later went on to create the likes of Toy Story. In fact, if you look closely at the credits for said film, you’ll actually see that Jobs was executive producer.

Suffice to say, Pixar continue to expand and they are now an immense part of the Walt Disney brand.

Not a normal CEO – he read AND replied to emails

If you work in any medium to large company, you’ll probably be fully aware that the CEO is off limits. He might have an email account, but try getting him to respond. How about directly replying to customers? Pft, yeah right.

Again, Jobs was different. This is something he took immense pride in doing and attempted to respond to as many emails as he possibly could. There are countless examples of his replies lurking around the internet. Some are short, but people are just satisfied to get a response from the boss for a change.

Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO, has been likened to Steve Jobs on many occasions for the exact same thing. He also makes an effort to reply to every email personally and considering his reputation within technology, one could argue that more business leaders should perhaps follow similar practice.

Jobs wasn’t just an inventor

Something that is unfairly pushed on Jobs is that he was just an inventor – he didn’t have a clue on how his machines actually worked.

While it’s most definitely true that many of his colleagues had more knowledge in terms of the technicalities regarding Apple’s products, don’t dismiss his credentials just yet.

He started as a video game designer for Atari and considering their history and status in technology, little else needs to be said.

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