Off page SEO refers to those activities which allow websites to improve their position on Google. Contrary to popular belief, off page SEO has a lot more to do than just link building. Unlike tradition SEO, off page SEO refers to those techniques which can be performed outside the boundaries of the website, with link building being just one factor of the process. Having a successful off page SEO strategy in place allows a business to increase their rankings on the SERPs and garner more exposure. Here we are going to talk about four valuable off page SEO techniques that should be part of every SEO strategy.

  1. Mind Your Citations

Citations will appear wherever your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP Schema) appears on other external sites Citations are extremely important for local SEO and is a strong local ranking signal as well. On the flip side, having incorrect or old information regarding the NAP citations can have an negative impact on your Google rank.

  1. Reviews

For any business worth its salt, getting positive reviews from their customers is extremely important, mostly because this off page SEO technique improves conversions. Getting positive business reviews also contribute to brand awareness and also improves engagement since more than 80% of shoppers trust online reviews and act upon them. Getting your website’s URL on a high ranking review site such as Yelp can easily take your website to the top of the local ranking, even for those keywords which you are not normally optimized to compete for. You can also recommend that your users leave comments or reviews on sites such as Shvoong, Stylefeeder, RateitAll etc.

  1. Social Media Engagement

Social media also makes up a part of your off page SEO activities. While all of the links that you will gather from social media will be ‘nofollow’ it does not mean they are of no value, mainly because social media mentions are growing in popularity, especially when it comes to ranking higher on Google. You will have to sign up to the most popular social media outlets such as FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on to expand your reach. Also, be more active in answering questions on social media or Yahoo Answers etc.

  1. Build Those Links

And finally, link building is one of the more well known off page SEO techniques that’s widely used by marketers. Link building is all about building external links to your site, or in other words, gathering as many votes as you can to help your website rank higher on the SERPs. For instance, whenever somebody reads your article or blog and refers it to others, it tells Google that your article has information that is useful. Some quality link building tips are – using blog and article directories, forum signatures, shared content links and comment links along with link exchange schemes. Every link building campaign should start with a link audit to analyze your backlink profile.

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