Los Angeles is a truly amazing city. From the legendary Santa Monica beach, the world-famous film and TV center, Universal Studios Hollywood, and the awe-inspiring Getty Center, a magnificent piece of architecture, the city is a marvel in so many ways.

Here are the reasons why the city continues to pull in hordes of visitors from all over the globe.

  1. The Great Wall mural

Standing at 13.5 feet high and stretching 2,754 feet long, The great wall is among the largest murals in the planet.

Historians, researchers, and even curious onlookers flock here to learn more about California from the history as seen through the eyes of traditionally marginalized communities.

The images represent historical figures and significant events as captured from the past years and were built for over a decade by a battery of artists (1974-1984).

The 86 titled segments are arranged as per the decade and its happenings and each has outstanding visual coherence making it a premier destination for visitors.

  1. The Celebrities

The city has also been lucky to produce some of the who-is-who in film, TV, Music, fashion, and more.

Academy award-winning actress Angelina Jolie, Golden globe winning star, Kate Hudson, and serial academy and globe winner Leonardo DiCaprio highlight the bigwigs in film.

In TV, We have celebrated TV talk show host Tyra Banks, Khloe Kardashian, the reality TV superstar, and the Rude Awakening TV series starring, Jonathan Penner.

In music, L.A has given the world famous songstress Natalie Cole and the gangsta rapping group N.W.A  which comprised of among others rappers Dr. Dre and Ice Cube.

  1. The Movies

Los Angeles is without a doubt the movie nerve center of the planet.

The beautiful weather, picturesque landscaping, and talented artists are just some of the chief attractions for producers.

And for movie diehards, the city proudly hosts some of the best movie theaters the world over.

The all-time concert center- the Walt Disney Hall is in the good company of the 800-seat Regal cinemas Live stadium 14, the Egyptian themed Grauman’s theatre, and the much-loved TCL Chinese theatre.

And if you want paradise-like pleasure as you enjoy a movie, you can visit one of the top massage parlors in Los Angeles beforehand.

  1. The Beaches

The gods of water have somehow conspired to gift L.A. some of America’s most scenic beaches.

Led by the iconic Santa Monica beach, the city is surrounded by multiple expansive beaches each offering lots of sunbathing, bike trails, beach volleyball and other water activities.

El Matador is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches around South Los Angeles while Malibu Surfrider Beach is an excellent beach with superb waves.

Then there’s Venice, a beach best known for its attractive canals, and unforgettable Ocean Front Walks.

The Hermosa, Manhattan, and Cabrillo beaches are also top-rated for their uniqueness.



Because of its wide-range of features and welcoming weather, Los Angeles continues to shatter tourist records year in year out.

It’s the celebrity city, seeing that it has produced so many stars while also being a beach city- now that it has a number of very good beaches.

The movies and the historical great wall mural complete the top 4 magnets for visitors in L.A


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