Just one quick glance at the shelves of your local supermarket reveals just how many products are currently on the market – a lot of them remarkably similar in terms of function and design. What makes them stand out, and what influences consumers to pick one over the other, is their packaging design. If you want to get your product ahead of the others, your packaging design is vitally important. Here’s what you need to know when you are designing packaging.

  1. Simplicity and Clarity are Vital

When a consumer looks at a product they need to immediately know who the product is for, and what brand is behind it. Your packaging design can successful communicate these messages, so your customers quickly know that the product is for them. It is important to show clearly what your product is for, and who it is for. Don’t confuse people by packaging something to make it look like something else. And make the brand prominent so customers know what they can expect.

  1. Start Early for the Best Results

Don’t rush into your packaging design, especially if you need bespoke packaging. Since the packaging design is so important, it is vital you begin the design process as early as possible in the process of product development. Get feedback from market research, look at competitor products, and fit the design as an integral part of the overall process of bringing a product to market.

  1. Go Beyond the Shelves for Best Benefits

Packaging design is important for communicating your brand and product on the shelves but it should also work for customers once they have got your product home. Products that are in packaging that is difficult to open, or which doesn’t protect the product on the way home, will give customers a very bad impression of your brand and make it less likely people will be loyal to you the next time they shop. You can avoid this by going for more simpler packaging material such as folding carton​.

  • Be Honest with your Claims

It may be tempting to show your product in such a light that makes it look amazing, but if this is not an accurate representation of the product you will mislead your customers and ultimately disappoint them. You will not see the benefits in the long term if your packaging is not honest. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you cannot focus on the benefits or make your product look the best possible. Just stay within the realms of reality. This will produce better brand loyalty and recognition in the long run.


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