You may be looking for a transcription service for a number of reasons. Transcription is useful for many purposes, from recording a board meeting to transforming a talk into text for a website. Your company may need transcription for disciplinary hearings, or you could be carrying out market research focus groups before launching a new product.

Whatever your reason for transcription, you can make it easier on yourself by finding the right transcription services company, and by doing a few things to smooth the process and minimise the risk of mistakes or misunderstandings. Here’s how to make a transcription process run smoothly:

1. Choose a Reliable, Professional Company

Your first step to a successful transcription project is picking the right company for the job. This is obviously an essential step and when you choose the right transcription services you minimise your stress and maximise your chances of a successful project. Choose a provider based on their experience as well as their levels of customer service, and their efficiency and turnaround times. It is a good idea to draw up a shortlist of companies and then check their credentials in more detail. The cheapest solution may not always be the best – and in the case of transcription it is very rare that a dirt-cheap quote will result in the quality you desire.

2. Record a Test

If you are recording audio outside the office, at an event, or even in the street, you should run a test recording first. Send this to the transcription company so they can evaluate things like the background noise and advise you if the sound quality is not good enough for transcription purposes. It would be extremely frustrating to record your audio and then find out it cannot be used. When you run a test you also benefit from being able to check your equipment before the main event, so you can identify any potential problems and avoid technical hitches.

3. Minimise the Complexity of the Content

Some level of complexity will be impossible to avoid – for example, you cannot erase people’s strong accents or ban people from using jargon. But you do need to find a transcription services company that can handle these complexities. You can also minimise some problems by asking people to speak clearly, limiting background noise, and telling people you are going to transcribe the meeting or event so caution people against talking over each other.

4. Be Clear About Your Needs

Be clear with the transcription services company what you need from the service before the transcription begins. For example, do you want to record non-verbal content, or do you need a document that is ready to publish on the web? Making your expectations known will help you arrive at the right end result.

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