We live in exciting times for event organisation. Myriad ways exist to make a big impact at an event using modern AV technology, gadgets, and software. And the best thing is you can make an impact without breaking the bank – you just need to choose the right technology to meet your needs and create the biggest splash.

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date trends in AV and event technology to try at your next event, take a look at our quick rundown.


  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality may not be a completely new trend but there have been many advances in recent years that keep it at the forefront of innovation, according to Av Company Av Companies. One of the main developments has been the opportunities created by augmented reality, where entire worlds are created online and accessed by smartphones. Event managers can make use of virtual reality and augmented reality in many ways to create immersive experiences that can also be experienced long after the event itself has ended.


  1. Live Streaming

Live streaming of events has been expanding in recent months and many events have been making use of this technology to get a wider audience for their product. There are also benefits to be had from crowd streaming – where people attending the event make their own videos and live streams, adding to the buzz surrounding an event on social media.


  1. Gamification and Wearables for Measuring Engagement

Measuring engagement at events may be nothing new, but the technology for doing it nowadays is certainly a development. New technologies and software make social media, gamification, live streaming, and interactive walls a great way of recording participation, expressing ideas, and getting deeper involved in the life of the event. Large screens are also utilised for displaying Twitter updates and polls, which participants can access on their smartphones.


  1. Immersive Screen Technology

Gone are the days when you had one screen behind the speaker with a PowerPoint presentation. Now, immersive screens are huge and are used for everything from keynote addresses to setting the mood at an after-party. LED screens and linked screen technology allow information to be broadcast around the event, no matter how large it is, and also to create amazing design effects that make the event stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.


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