Internet based writing companies offer various services to anybody looking for someone who can type up an essay based on predefined criteria. They promise, via their services, that they will free up your time and make achieving your goals that much quicker and easier.

What writing services offer

Each writing service is highly confident that specialist topics such as Geometry, Astronomy and Physics are well within the capabilities of their writers.

  • Essay Writing Services

They provide essay writing services which are usually of a routine nature but can be copious works that are academically complex and require huge volumes of effort. They can also perform typical business writing tasks and letter mailing responses of just about any kind imaginable.

  • Specialist Writers

Their writers are usually specialists in a wide variety of fields and very reliable. They are required to pass a number of stringent tests before being hired and are continuously evaluated whilst employed. Writers are all at least at the level of a Master’s degree. Motivation towards providing excellent client service and paper quality is maintained by several methods such as paying writers good salaries, maintaining a points based rating system and awarding bonuses accordingly.

  • Online Support

Online support is pretty much a standard feature of these type my essay companies as is a money back guarantee and on-time delivery. The minimum deadline is typically four hours but special concessions can sometimes be made for papers required in an hour or two.

  • Revisions

Revisions can be communicated to the writer directly from your personal page and changes required must be clear and a new deadline requested. Revisions are normally charged from 70 % of the original paper but instructions that differ from the original order will be charged as extra work. In some cases the first few revisions are entirely free but this is subject to a time limit.

Revision and money back policies are well stipulated and you would be well advised to read them carefully in order to avoid extra costs. Generally, the writer must be given the opportunity to rectify his mistakes before the money back policy comes into force.

  • Refunds

Refunds are usually only granted for the following instances and provided that certain conditions are met:

  1. Accidental double payment or duplicate payment, then the second payment is refunded.
  2. Cancellation of order. Depending on the progress of the order a sliding percentage scale applies. If the order is complete no refund is possible.
  3. Dissatisfaction with the paper. This applies only after two or three revisions have been made with no consensus reached.
  4. Original deadline not met.
  5. Revision deadline not met. Here two exceptions can apply. One is a clarification delay caused by a query not been answered by the customer. The second is when a technical or complex issue has arisen and the paper cannot be completed on time by the writer.
  6. Your paper has been copied. Here a Turintin or CopyScape report is usually requested by the company to prove what text was copied before a refund is even considered.
  7. Cancellation of additional features. Only the writer category chosen on the original order can normally be cancelled and only if a writer has not been assigned as yet.

Final Words

So, as can be seen, a writing service promises much and can be of enormous benefit to you, providing that you read their terms and conditions thoroughly beforehand to avoid unnecessary delays and extra costs.

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