Event AV technology has a lot of benefits. One of the major advantages is it streamlines your event planning and execution, and it can help you save money. Most people want to run an event that is cost effective and within budget. While the initial outlay on technology may require some investment, you will clearly see that the return on this investment is well worth it in the long run. Here are some of the ways AV technology makes you more efficient, simplifies your planning and event execution, and helps you boost revenue.

  1. Cut Customer Service Costs with Chatbots

Attendees at events always have questions, from where to go for lunch to how to sign up for a breakout session. Customer service can be expensive and resource-heavy, but an online option like chatbots makes it easy for people to get answers without having to speak to a member of staff.

  1. Using AR to Save Time and Money

Exhibitors can make good use of AR – augmented reality – to show attendees aspects of their products that they never would have been able to do, short of actually travelling to different places. For example, reps at a travel show can take people virtually to their Caribbean island without the expense of flying there.

  1. Make It Easier for People to Spend

Increase revenue by making it really easy for people to buy things at your event. Create efficient and time-saving credit card payment options that are portable wherever people are at the event.

  1. Increase Attendance with Gamification

Make sure that people are keen to sign up for future events, which will cut the cost of your marketing efforts, by adding fun and interactive gaming elements to the event. AV Rental companies can install excellent activities based on technology and games, and you can create entertainment apps that tie into the event.

  1. Use Free Tech to Boost Success

Don’t forget about the free aspects of technology like Facebook Live that can help to connect people and increase engagement, even between people who are not actually at the event.

  1. Use Technology for Evaluation

Make sure you save money on planning and ensure your next event is a success by using technology to increase participation in evaluation activities and glean excellent feedback that you can use to create revenue and measure return on investment.

  1. Get Integrated and Connected

Minimise wasted expenses and creating the same information over and over again by making sure you use connected technology that has all software connected to the same hub. You minimise mistakes and ensure that everyone has access to the technology and information they need.


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