Whether you’re trying to entice customers at an exhibition, drum up business or get connections at a trade show, or collect money at a fundraising event, promotional giveaways often allow you to accomplish much more than simple flyers or brochures can. People and businesses use this simple method for one reason: it works.

It can be difficult to select the right promotional item, however, especially because you need to consider your branding, your customers and their preferences, as well as your budget. Are you having a hard time deciding what to give away? For inspiration, here’s a list of the most popular promotional giveaways.

Popular items

There are a lot of popular items – here are just some examples of promotional merchandise that have often been used by many companies:

  • Writing materials. Think about pens, pencils, markers – any kind of writing material; it’s always handy and practical. Think further, however: how about notepads for placement next to the telephone, or little sticky notes?
  • Desk accessories. If you are able to give something to someone and this item is used or displayed on a desk, then the person sees it every day. That’s a powerful marketing tool.
  • Tote bags. A tote bag or a backpack is a very useful tool, and much appreciated. You could also consider bags for cellular phones, sports bags, or other sports equipment.
  • Apparel. If you can make a person wear a T-shirt, windbreaker, or other apparel that proclaims your brand, then you can make a big impact; not only is it useful for the person wearing it, that person automatically becomes a walking billboard. Consider umbrellas as well.
  • Drinkware. Everybody (at least, the vast majority) enjoy tea or coffee, so mugs or cups are always appreciated. So are reusable water bottles and tumblers.
  • Computer accessories. This offers you a wide range of options, and everyone appreciates a new USB drive, a great mouse pad, or a cell phone holder.
  • Magnets. The great thing about magnets is that they have versatile uses (as in the kitchen for the refrigerator or in the office on a board), and that they can be made in all shapes and sizes. These things are always in plain view, so they act as a constant reminder.
  • Tools and kits. A first aid kit, a small sewing kit, a tool cleaning kit – they’re all useful and appreciated.

Of course, there’s no reason why you should follow the suggestions above and go with the flow – they are the most popular ones, and often it pays to think outside the box and give your potential customers something unique. Always consider the needs of your customer first; make it practical and make it fun, and you’re sure to receive a good return on your investment.


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