When i was at school I absolutely fell in love with math from an early age, I was good at it, I could grasp new areas of it at speed and I genuinely enjoyed it. I appreciate that may sound weird to many people who hate the idea of geometry, calculus and algebra but the truth is that I was just born with the type of brain that grasped these things very easily.

As I was approaching college age I knew that I wanted to use my skill and my passion to go into the finance industry and I have never looked back. I always feel that if you are good at something and enjoy it then you should opt for a career in that area and if you are a number cruncher like I was then here are some great career choices for you.

Investment Manager

My good friend Marc J Leder has made a highly successful career from being an investment manager and is currently CEO of his very own company. You can follow in Marc’s footsteps if you have a passion for the financial and housing markets and wish to help people to look after their investments and advise them on any new and upcoming opportunities for them to make more money. The job is very financially rewarding and who knows, you could end up a CEO like Marc one day.

Financial Advisor

This is the job which I am currently doing and I genuinely enjoy it, a financial adviser works with individuals and businesses and offers a wide range of advice on how they should save, invest and spend their money. The job does come with pressure, should anything go wrong then the responsibility for someone else’s money falls squarely on your shoulders. For this reason you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the financial world and be able to offer sound advice based on this. The financial advice market is highly competitive and you need to be able to market yourself well, be confident and also be prepared to fill out an awful lot of paperwork!


Being a stockbroker isn’t quite the Gordon Gecko lifestyle that the movies would have you believe but it can be a very lucrative and exciting career, especially if you love numbers. You will be helping your clients to make trades on the stock market, buying and selling based on your advice in the hoping of making them money and eating yourself commission. As a stock broker you will likely be working long hours and work with a lot of pressure on your shoulders but the possibility of high earnings is very real. You will need to be able to process huge amounts of data about stock prices and the financial markets but if you can give good advice based on your research then you could be making your clients and yourself an awful lot of money.

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