Career paths are diverse and openings are always available.  It’s not preferable to constantly change your job, jumping from one job to another will only make you a career jumper, which is something recruiters really dislike among their potential candidates.

You have been working in a certain career for a while now and all of the sudden you feel like you’re in the wrong career path and that your energy and skills are being negatively consumed in the wrong place and field.  Let’s assume you’re facing particular signs which made you figure out that you’re in the wrong career path, what’s next?

Signs which means you’re totally in the wrong career path:

  1. You’re not building knowledge.

Let’s say you’ve been in the same work for about 3 years now, and yet you’re still not learning new skills or even growing any bigger in the company, well of course you are in the wrong career! The main aim for any employee is to gain knowledge in order to grow and to build solid business experiences. If you’re not gaining useful knowledge and new skills then you’re wasting your time.

  • If you’ve reached to a point where you’re not learning anything or growing, then you’re absolutely ready for a job move!
  • Make sure you search for a job which suits your requirements, qualifications and even change your field if you need to. The best way to find great job opportunities is through huge online jobs portals like
  • If you’re interested in taking your career path to a whole new adventurous level, you can apply for work abroad job opportunities; it will be a whole new different experience.


  1. You’re operating like a Robot.

Operating on autopilot or as a programmed robot is a clear sign that you’re in the wrong career path. When you reach to a level where you’ve mentally check out of what you are doing, then you’re about to become useless. Sometimes you might get rut and feel stuck in a killer routine, at this point you need to get a vacation in a nice place and refuel your energy tank. If taking a vacation wasn’t useful or didn’t reenergize you, then it’s time to consider new job options!


  • If you’re operating on auto-pilot, then you’re totally detached from your certain job.
  • You need to be smart while looking for other options, choose a field which actually excites you and you’re really interested in; you can check famous online jobs websites like Joblang and apply for a job which perfectly suits your personality.
  • Money is crucial but so is your experience.



  1. Your leader isn’t investing in your initiatives.

Your career path is stable and firm but what’s missing? Even if you’re enrolling great in your position, you’ll still need the support of other for opportunities, guidance, achievements and personal growth. It is certainly not your right career path if you feel that you’re not being fully supported by your employer and you’re advancement and initiatives are not being invested in, feeling isolated is a clear sign that you’re not in the place you should be.


  • All employees like being appreciated, either financially or mentally, it builds up a good level of self-motivation among employees.
  • com offers a variety of jobs where you can invest your initiatives and achieve your long-term success goals!


  1. You Hate Going to Work.

Of course all employees love weekends!

It differs from being sad that the weakened is over and hate the idea of going to work on daily basis. Some employees might reach to a level where they get anxiety on Sunday nights, thinking about how depressed they are from work. If you find yourself feeling this much anxious about your certain, then it’s definitely the right time to a new path.

  • You need to make a move to a new career path whenever you feel that work is sucking out all the positive energy inside you, that’s why passionate employees are the most productive employees, because they love going to work!
  • If you’re thinking of doing a great jump in your career path, you can look up for similar job positions in different companies which follow smoother policies or try joining different new fields . You can check for a variety of available job openings.


  1. Your Career doesn’t match your values.

Some employees might work in jobs which are considered lucrative jobs but doesn’t align with their values and goals. Employees feel uncomfortable if day-today work efforts doesn’t even line up with your priorities , or even it doesn’t give you’re the feeling of being your own leader of the life you planned for , then get ready for new moves.  There is a clear sign of which makes it easier to figure out if you’re in the wrong career path , through being constantly looking for better opportunities outside your certain field or company , because if you were satisfied and in the right place then you would concentrate on developing your career and skills not trying to find another chances . Your values and goals are your basic drive; would you comprise and choose your career upon your values?

  • You have studies a specific major because you believe in certain values and goals, wit should be the same when it comes to your career path, it’s a long-term path not a temporary period of time!
  • You can match your goals and values with a certain company’s policies you apply to. While you apply through, make sure you read about the company’s policy and regulations, it makes it easier for you to decide and it actually cuts half way short.



Changing your career path is a major leap of faith, but if it’s done professionally, then you’re the deal maker. It’s not easy to move from one career to another, but its way better than staying stuck in the wring career path, which is already consuming your energy levels and skills in the wrong place and wrong field.  Being able to succeed in different fields is another great skill to be obtained, but you need to be aware of not being a job jumper, changing too many jobs may cost you a great future job opportunity. Try to find a job which matches your criteria and passion as well, career path is a log-term path, not a short trip you’ll be doing for a temporary time. The longer your contract is the longer skills you gain, if you’re being in the right career path!

























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