Are you someone who is all set to get on board a content marketing campaign for your company? If answered yes, you have to know the exact things that can provoke engagement and growth. As per what Spiel, an agency specializing in animation and digital content has to say, text-based content is forever going to remain a core part of marketing, but if you wish to stand out in the crowd in this current digital era, you should ensure including visual content as it plays a pivotal role in bringing life to all your efforts.

When you learn that more than 70% of the online users are visual learners, more than 90% of the information which reaches the brain is visual; the visual aides are 44% more attractive, it makes sense to know the types of visual content that you should use. Here are some that you should know.

  • The unbelievable impact of images

When you have the ability to split up the text with few interesting images, people will be more inclined to complete reading whatever you’ve written. Jeff Bullas, eminent marketer says that posts with images are likely to receive 95% more views than those which don’t have images. Nowadays attention spans have become shorter than ever and this is because of oversaturation of digital content. However, it is advised that you use original images as this adds personal touch to your marketing campaign.

  • The incredibly useful videos

Videos are the most useful tools for presenting problems and offering solutions. Although there are cheaper forms of visual content, yet videos give you that extra attention when you’re fighting for increased attention. A study revealed that when a landing page has a video, it increases conversions by at least 88%. You could include how-to videos, explainer videos, animated videos and also testimonial videos. Moz tells that posts with videos obtain 300% more inbound links.

  • The excellent tool of infographics

Infographics form yet another excellent tool for attracting all the data and statistics as it is an easy visual display of statistics and short content. If you want to reap the most rewards from your infographics, the design and layout has to be immensely impactful. The designer should be an expert in including the right shapes, colors and fonts to convey the vital data. But make sure all the visual elements carry the content so that it doesn’t disrupt the entire story.

  • A little bit of insight with screenshots

By adding a screenshot, you can let your online viewers an insight into the inner functions of a service or product. You will be easily able to show off the functions and services which you offer from an entirely different perspective and if you combine it with some testimonial or marketing copy, you can improve its credibility even more.

Visual content usually enters into instinctive psyche of your target audience and boosts them to discover more about your company. Hence, if you can include the above mentioned types of visual content in your articles, you can be sure of staying ahead of your competitors.

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