Any seasoned display advertiser will tell you that one of the best practices for designing successful ads is the display creative. But there are lots more strategies that you can implement for raising awareness of your brand. Here are some examples that are widely used across the Web.

People’s photos will boost performance
Photos tend to attract attention, improve performance, and boost relatability. The trick is to use the right photo as the wrong one can do more harm than good. For consumer branding, you must feature a real person who’s using your product. This is the most effective way in showcasing your brand. If you’re a B2B company, you’ll have to use ads that feature real customers as well as their testimonials. Prospective clients can then establish a connection by seeing the photos of your existing customers.

Come up with a clear call to action (CTA)
CTA is perhaps the most important part of display creative. You must make sure your ads have a clear call to action so they stand out from the background colour. You can do this in a button format in order to draw the eye of your audience. Keep the sentence short, sweet, and direct. For example, ‘buy right now’, ‘learn more’, ‘visit this website’.

Create a hero image
The image you create on your ad should be of a hero. Banners easily get lost in highly-trafficked Web pages so make sure your ad image stands out from the rest and grabs attention. Remember that product images don’t tend to perform as effectively as people’s faces.

Structure your advertising campaigns according to a particular theme
This is the most important aspect when you’re displaying any type of ad with Google. To keep everything organised, structure your display advertising campaign according to its theme. This allows you to customise your display ads based on their theme and relevance. The more relevant the ads are, the more chances you have of higher sales conversion.

Try and only use the Google Display Network
Make sure your display network appears on the drop down menu as this ensures that your ads will only appear on Google and no other search engine. If you were to use traditional search campaigns, you may not achieve the results you want plus it’s easy to incur costs fast.

Keep the branding ad consistent
Make sure your branding of the ad is consistent so that anyone can identify it. The colours that you use should be easy on the eye and always avoid using a white banner background as your ad could blend it too much.

Don’t forget to keep the messaging in your ad the same as on your landing page
This is quite often overlooked, but still remains a very important part of display creative. If your ad is promoting a 40 per cent off sale but your homepage that you’re driving traffic to isn’t talking about the 40 per cent off sale, customers may get frustrated or confused. Always make sure your ad message translates to the same message as on your homepage.

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