Blogging is undoubtedly one of the most valuable tools which a business has for interacting with customers and making their lives easier. If you’re a business which is still not blogging, you’re probably lagging behind and very soon your may find your online presence to be washed away by your competitors. There are several reasons to start a blog for your business but if you’re stuck with how to write a blog post, you need immediate help.

It has been in fact surveyed that majority of the businessmen fail to start with a blog post of their own just because they don’t have the skill for writing. If you have the habit of writing essays since school life, you would definitely be able to get an idea about how to write a blog post. Nevertheless, for information on essay writing or developing skills of writing, you may visit As of now, read on to know how you can write a perfect blog post.

Generate the idea of the blog post

  • Ideas of your blog post should be relevant to the market which you’re covering
  • Base the post on the feedback of the reader, a recent problem within the industry or on the analysis of competition
  • Research the main competitors of your company to know how you may improve on what they’re writing.

Craft a nice and catchy headline

  • The headline should address fear, intrigue or scarcity questions
  • Headline should have the SEO key phrase in the title
  • Title should be 65 characters
  • While writing the blog post, keep referring to the headline
  • Use online resources to know how to generate headlines

Write a short and intriguing introduction

  • The very first line of the post should address the issue of the readers. Remaining introduction should draw the attention to the main points of the post
  • Inform people what you’re about to write in the remaining article and what they can learn from the post

Form a base of 2000-2500 words

  • If you don’t hit at least 2000 words, this would mean you didn’t cover the topic in detail
  • Form a base of at least 2000-2500 words where you should address the main keyword time and again

Don’t always close the discussion at the end

  • Don’t complete a topic as it is always better to leave a room for discussion
  • Try to end the article with a question so that you can encourage enough discussion among the readers which can come in the form of comments

Last but not the least; you’ve got to publish the post during a peak time when there are highest numbers of readers online. Make sure you check the post for detecting spelling mistakes or formatting errors. The best time to publish a post is between 8 am and 10 am on weekdays like Monday, Wednesday or Friday. This way you can ensure maximum readability.


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