As technology evolves, it is now having more of an impact in all parts of our lives and in business for example. Whether this be online through the indiana online casinos page and the offers that are now available or how it has now made a change in approach when it comes to marketing online. So how has this move to digital impacted the marketing channels that are available?


  • Customer Service


Customer service has now increased greatly following the rise of digital. This has resulted in many of the larger businesses now offering 24/7 customer service. Customers now expect businesses to address their needs at all times and this can also play a key role when it comes to beating the competition. Not all companies can provide this service 24/7, but it is important to always respond as fast as possible to keep consumers happy.


  • Level playing field


Digital has also meant that there is far more easier communication that can be made. This therefore leads to it being more of a level playing field when it comes to digital marketing. It is now far easier to hit your desired target audience, through the use of tracking customer behaviours online. This is another example of how digital is making an impact. This process also means that smaller companies now have access to the same coverage that established brands have.


  • Pay to play


In the past, advertising was fairly simple and it was usually who spent the most were achieving the best success. However, times have now changed. The digital age has now meant that there is now free advertising everywhere. Also, other options such as social media and Facebook ads. This option has brought back the pay to play, which means small budgets can be used in reaching potential customers over social media. This era means more businesses and individuals can get involved in the advertising market and you do not have to have a huge budget in order to gain success. This shows that it has never been a better time for smaller businesses to thrive through advertisement.


  • Ads cannot be Ads


Ad blindness is now such a thing and is where many people do not even see ads presented to them online. This is firstly through ad blockers or just the regularity of these in place across the net. Due to this, many companies have now looked to move away from using traditional ads or are having to offer something. This includes the likes of a free eBook or competition for example. The current age now means that businesses have to be creative in their advertisement methods.




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