If you own a business you may have questions relating to the safe upkeep of the gas appliances on your premises. Equipment like cookers, ovens, fires, tumble dryers, and boilers, all need to be properly maintained and checked on a regular basis in order to protect the health and safety of employees and anyone else on the site.

It is important to carry out a gas safety check, and the relevant maintenance, on a regular basis. This is important to safeguard against carbon monoxide risk, and the risk of explosion and fire, as well as keep appliances running efficiently in order to save money and hassle. But the gas check cannot be carried out by just anyone. The engineer running the inspection must be Gas Safe registered. Here is more detail about the Gas Safe scheme.

What Does Gas Safe Registered Mean?

The Gas Safe scheme is run to ensure that only qualified people work on gas installations in homes and businesses. Anyone carrying out a gas inspection or repairs to gas appliances must be Gas Safe registered – they must be qualified, and on the Gas Safe Register. You can check this online, or you can check the credentials of a London engineer by looking at their ID card which will contain their Gas Safe registration details.

Can I Do It If I Used to be a Gas Fitter?

No, even if you have a lot of experience with gas fittings, you cannot carry out gas checks or repairs unless you are on the Gas Safe Register.

Are All Gas Safe Engineers the Same?

No, the Gas Safe engineer you use should be qualified to work in the specific area of gas you need. For example, a Commercial Gas Engineer London checking appliances in a quarry will need to be competent to work in that area, in the same way that you must get a qualified gas technician to check your catering gas appliances. You can look on the back of their registration card to see where they are qualified to work.

Can A Non-Gas Safe Engineer Fit An Appliance, Then Have It Checked?

Many people wonder if they themselves can fit a gas appliance and then have it checked by a Gas Safe engineer. The answer is no, it is not permitted for a Gas Safe registered engineer to sign off on the work of someone else. Both people may face prosecution if this happens.

Can a Plumber Install Pipes for a Gas Installation?

It is OK for a plumber or other non-registered person to install water pipes and radiators for heating, but he or she cannot work on the boiler or cannot connect the boiler to the pipes.

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