When HR Meets Accounting: The True Cost Of A Disgruntled Employee

Whether you manage a company or work in human resources, you know that one of the most unpleasant tasks you will face is letting someone go. Even if you must terminate an employee for business reasons, some employees take the decision personally, which can result in unforeseen consequences. But do you know the real cost of a disgruntled employee? The following outlines the high cost of letting someone go.   Dangerous Behavior Disgruntled employees present danger for a variety of reasons. Read more [...]

Corporate Holiday Party Do’s and Don’ts

The holiday season is here which for some of us means the corporate holiday party is just around the corner. When participating in corporate festivities, it is important to remember that this is a corporate sponsored event and office etiquette should be followed to avoid embarrassing blunders that could potentially become office legend. Around fifteen percent of supervisors have stated that inappropriate behavior by employees at holiday parties have had a negative impact on promotion opportunities Read more [...]