It is a challenging task to be able to find the right caterer for your corporate event. These programs are usually organized on a larger scale compared to personal events like birthday parties. In addition, there is a certain level of professionalism that must be maintained. If you are in charge of organizing such an event, there are many factors you must consider. A lot of things, including your reputation, depend on the quality of organization and behavior of the caterers. Chef-driven catering services for private corporate events and parties must be well-arranged and professional.

In your search to finding an ideal catering company, you will face some very unique challenges. Some of them have been listed below, along with tips to overcome them and select the right catering option.

A very important factor during selection is volume. Corporate events caterers generally have 50 to hundreds of employees. You can to assess the size of your occasion and choose a company which can handle the crowd with each. You must understand that not all caterers will be experienced enough to take care of huge guest list. Another issue to be considered as that guests at such fancy events are not satisfied with simple food like hamburgers and hot dogs. There has to be variety.

In fact, you will also have to present options such as vegetarian and food items that account for common allergies. If the guest list is larger, you need to prepare special food for those with allergy. For example, as 1% of the total population is allergic to peanuts, 10 out of 1000 people are likely to have peanut allergy. This problem must be sidestepped by assuming that some people will need alternate food. You must plan different options accordingly.

It is essential to plan the style of catering beforehand. The style can be a breakfast buffet, finger foods, a boxed lunch, or a plated dinner. This decision is not very complicated. You can decide based on the time and duration of program. If it is a morning meeting, you can serve coffee and pastries to guests. Most companies provide lunch break and lunch boxes during all-day convention. It reduces costing as well.

If you are conducting an award session in the evening, the event would probably be followed by a plated dinner. Programs held at odd hours like mid-morning or mid-afternoon make decision taking difficult. In such cases, it is best to look at your overall budget and plan.

Whether or not to serve alcohol at these official events and parties is another tricky decision. Again, timing is an important determinant. It is a definite negative for event held during morning hours. Apart for some special circumstances, it is also not wise to serve adult beverages with lunch either. The decision become for complicated when the event or party is held at a later time.

If the corporate activity is organized outside normal work hours, it is considered appropriate to serve beer, wine and different cocktails. You can rely on past experiences to take this decision. If you found that guests have a tendency of going out of hand in the past, it is best to scale it down and not serve alcoholic beverages. There is no harm in having fun at these parties. The corporate events can be fun and valuable, but do not organize anything that can cost employees their jobs.

There are many factors you need to keep in mind but arranging one of these event without of an expert caterer will be difficult. So, find and hire the right one!

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