The Marine Corps Birthday Ball of 2012 was held in South Carolina. What is really interesting then was the fact that the main speaker was Charles Phillips, a person you would not normally associate with the marine forces of USA. Even the wife of Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, was surprised of the invitation, but humbled at the same time. The fact that the Marine Corps reached the 237th birthday then was important, as every single time such a birthday is celebrated.

In case you did not know, Charles Phillips is now Infor CEO. Infor is a software company that resides in New York City. According to the specialist, Infor is number three in the top of the largest software application companies in the entire world. At the same time, Infor is trying to revolutionize the entire business world because of the work that they do. The highly publicized social network of companies that they want to create is something that is definitely interesting, offering a huge value for small to medium sized companies. Infor now has over 70,000 customers, with over 25,000 of them using the special CloudSuite applications designed for the smaller companies.

Getting back to the main subject at hand, Charles Phillips was invited to be the keynote speaker because of two really important reasons. For starters, he is a great example of someone that is capable of being successful in business no matter how bad the situation gets. There are many cases in which people quit when hit by problems. This did not happen with Phillips. He persevered in the face of adversity, a quality that is surely appreciated by soldiers in the US.

The second reason is that Charles Phillips was actually a Marine Captain. He served under the second battalion in the past. He was asked to talk about the period when he was stationed in Camp Lejeune. That was when he actually got married with his wife, the lovely Karen Phillips. Together the two are doing charity work and are actually helping soldiers from around the country to get back on the employment market.

We need to understand the fact that there is a strict connection between the success that Charles Phillips managed to reach and the work that he did while he was in the Marine Corps. There are so many cases in which the discipline that was a reality in the army paid off and offered a highly important competitive age in a market where much larger players dominate. Infor, under the leadership of Charles Phillips, reached a level that was not imagined by anyone. All was done with discipline and research. It is quite obvious that these are some of the skills that are important in business and that do offer that little extra that may be needed in some cases. His words were important for the soldiers that attended, especially those that did manage to rebuild their life in the business world. It is never too late to start your very own business.



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