Cloud computing is nowadays much more important than what many think for companies of all sizes. Using the remote servers is something that is highly beneficial and the work that was done by pioneers like Charles Phillips basically took everything to a brand new level. Cloud computing offers various interesting advantages that the business manager has to take into account. However, there are also some pretty obvious drawbacks that still exist. You need to be sure that you know both sides of the table in order to make the best possible decision.

Main Advantages Associated With Cloud Computing

Transforming the business through cloud computing is nowadays a reality. That is mainly because of the huge advantages associated with the technology. Those benefits that always have to be taken into account are the following.

  • Cost Efficiency

Businesses do not have to invest in software solutions that are stand-alone or servers. This means that such investment costs are avoided. You can also save on data storage, licensing fees, software updates and management fees. Just one time payment and then paying as you go brings in a cost efficiency that is really important, especially for small to medium sized companies.

  • Full Time Availability

Cloud computing offers location independence and a full continuous availability. This basically means that you can access the data whenever you want to. Everything is easy and you are no longer reliant on geographic locations or time zones.

  • Simplified Backup And Recovery

A huge advantage of using cloud computing technology is that backups and recoveries are automated. The data that is used it basically not stored on just one computer. This means that you can easily recover anything that is lost due to a technical problem.

  • Scalability

Resiliency stands out as a huge benefit when looking at cloud computing. Storage and servers are going to keep working even if various disruptions appear. Also, in the event that you need more of a service, it is so easy to get it as everything is scalable. Managing cloud computing is done by someone else so you do not even have to worry about what you need. You just highlight the requirements and the service providers offer them.

  • Storage

The storage advantages associated with cloud computing are quite obvious when you compare with the personal computer. You can easily store more and more data. This is very beneficial for many companies out there since there is a relatively unlimited storage possibility.

Cloud Computing Disadvantages

There are not many things that can be mentioned about drawbacks but they do exist. The most important ones are the possibility of faced with data losses, hacking, data breaches and more. At the same time we should mention the fact that many companies do not know much about cloud technology and might be faced with insecurity problems because of end-user problems. You want to be careful and you have to be sure that you take all the indications of the service providers into account. A failure to do this will lead to security breaches.

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