Content Marketing: The Past, Present and Future for Businesses Desiring Success

Content Marketing: The Past, Present and Future for Businesses Desiring Success

There’s three things that any smart business person wants their business’s marketing strategy to have: reliable results, safe practices that won’t harm your company and measurable outcomes. 

MarketingThese three ingredients form the perfect business plan over the long term.

The problem with most Internet-focused marketing strategies is that they tend to fall flat over longer periods. Social media buzz rapidly changes directions, search engines update to invalidate old SEO methods and some services stop being relevant as technology changes.

There’s one method of marketing that always produces results that will benefit your business: content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a simple concept; you bring the kind of content that people want to see to them and then allow them to love it.

The kind of content that people want to see generally answers some problem that they have. This problem can come from anywhere, but the answer should come from you or your company. This allows you to establish a deeper, meaningful connection based on trust with your audience, which is one that pays off in the end.

The most traditional form of content marketing is through text articles, but other forms are emerging as technology creates a niche for them to fill. Content such as recorded video, streaming media, web conferences and VoIP calls can all be considered content, provided that they give their audience some sort of pertinent information.

Why is Content Marketing Worthwhile?

Here’s just the top three reasons as to why you should include content marketing in your marketing plan:

  1. Content marketing works extremely well with SEO. – Search engine optimization is not what it used to be five years ago, nor is it what it used to be yesterday. Search engines constantly update and tweak their algorithms, which means that gimmicks that are meant to put your company on top of the search engine results don’t last very long. Content marketing is built to weather whatever changes search engines might bring, as content will always be king.
  2. Your business’s SEO won’t be harmed by content marketing. – The definition of content marketing is to provide your audience with something that they find useful, which means that you enter into a win-win situation. Your audience member leaves happy and your company might produce another customer. This means that if you have great content, you avoid the penalties search engines like to put on things that declare as spam and advertisements.
  3. Results measured from content marketing eliminates guesswork. – With the right setup, it’s possible to measure every click and view that your content marketing receives from your audience. You can tell what parts of your content that your audience likes and ascertain how reliable they find you after reading part of it. In the right situation, your audience’s reactions can be measured in cold, hard, reliable statistics.

Content marketing represents one of the most reliable and safe ways to market your business while handing you the ability to measure key statistics that can be key in adjusting your entire marketing plan.

It doesn’t matter if your goals are to bring your company’s website to the top of the search engine results or if you want to build new customers independent of search engines. Content marketing can do all that and more.

This post comes from the crew at Human Traffic, an Australian internet marketing agency. if you need help with social, SEO or PPC, get in touch with them via their website.

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