Different Areas you can Work in as a Social Worker

Social WorkerThe social work field is a very diverse profession requiring practitioners to possess specialized skills, training and knowledge.  Whether you desire to work in a medical setting, school, prison, treatment center or government office you can be sure the need for social workers remains prevalent.  As a result, students pursuing a degree in social work are able to specialize in many areas.  Although social workers may work individually with a patient, it is not uncommon for a social worker to provide services to many individuals in a group setting.  Through direct services, social workers play a major role in advocating for individual rights of at-risk and disadvantaged groups.  Other professionals within the field of social work may focus their efforts in connecting individuals with resources and assisting patients in coping with life events.  Social workers play a role in behavioral and mental health diagnosis and in the facilitation of treatment plans.  A social worker can work with a family that may be grieving the loss of a loved one while another social worker specializing in child and family social work may work with students in a school setting providing support for behavioral and emotional needs.

Therefore, depending upon the type of environment you wish to work in or the population you choose to work with, the goal of practice can vary.  Whether you work as a case manager or a counselor, there are many employment opportunities for students possessing an education in social work:

Different Areas you can Work in as a Social Worker

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Worker – Practitioners specialize in the assessment and treatment of mental, emotional and substance abuse.

  • School Social Worker – Specialists work collaboratively with families and children in a school setting playing a key role in a student’s education.  School social workers provide behavioral, academic and classroom support while working collaboratively with parents, educators and administrators.

  • Gerontology Social Worker – Individuals within this specialty work with the older adult population focusing on various challenges specific to this population.

  • Psychiatric Social Worker – Maybe you are an individual intrigued with psychotherapy and mental illness.  Social workers specializing in psychiatric social work will work with patients in a medical setting playing a key role in diagnosis, therapy, treatment and discharge planning.

  • Hospice Social Worker – Professionals within this area of social work will work with patients and families in preparing for transitional stages in life.

  • Policy and Research – Practitioners within this specialty focus on research development that addresses key areas of practice within the field of social work promoting a call for social change.

If you have considered a career in social work, a degree in social work may be just what you need to give you a competitive advantage.  If you are looking for flexibility, diversity, possess a desire to make a difference, want to help others a career in social work may be just for you.  Although the daily responsibilities of professionals within this field may vary, all social workers strive to make a difference on an individual and national level.  Going for your Bachelors in social work can get you headed in the right direction in accomplishing your goals and making a difference in the lives of others.


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