What are all the different types of precious metals and what makes them so valuable? Most precious metals are renown for their physical properties and used in jewelry and currencies. From gold to platinum here are some of the most interesting different types of precious metals.

Gold is one of the best known of all precious metals and has had an important place in human history as a financial currency. For nearly 3,000 years humans have used gold coins to exchange goods and services and this givea gold a reputation as a time tested investment. Today companies such as the Birch Gold sell gold and silver products, but they do not promise a profitable investment. The gold and silver are designed to protect your wealth, not to improve your wealth. Gold is also one of the most popular metals in jewelry and used every where from Olympics metals to weddings rings, its history as jewelry traces it roots all the back to Ancient Egyptian times. Gold is such a part of everyday life many of us even having it our mouths, being a popular choice for false teeth and fillings. Gold is the original precious metal and its status seems to be here to stay.

Rhodium is one of the rarest of the precious metals and accounts for just 0.0002 parts per million in nature. It’s not commonly used in jewelry but has very important uses in industry. Rhodium will be often be mixed with white gold to increase the look of the white gold. One of the primary uses for rhodium is in catalytic converters in automobiles, the part of the exhaust, which helps with emissions. Rhodium is also world renowned for its rarity and even has been used to give even more prestige than gold or platinum and Sir Paul McC
artney was even given a rhodium plated disc by Guinness World Records to show his massive achievement as a songwriter. Rhodium is a useful precious metal though its not as decorative as many similar metals.

Platinum is another type of precious metal, which has an interesting history and an important role in ever day life. Its uses in decoration and ritual traces back to Ancient Egypt. It was also used in pre-Columbian Central America in conjunction with gold to create jewelry. Platinum like its cousin rhodium is used commonly in automotive emissions. Platinum is very popular in jewelry and seen as more prestigious as gold. Platinum necklaces, rings, and even fake teeth are often seen as being symbols of extreme wealth and common with celebrities. Platinum is both useful for industry and prestigious, making it a popular choice amongst precious metals.

So whether you have a interest in platinum rings or gold bars, it is important to know the different types of precious metals for any future plans in investing or purchasing some high end jewelry. We use precious metals on a daily basis so it’s important to know something about them.

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