Placing an ad on a vehicle might seem somewhat irreverent. Most businesses rely on traditional forms of advertising on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and the web. Yet slapping your company’s name or logo on a vehicle has the potential to generate considerable exposure. Let’s take a look at why advertising on vehicles is definitely worth consideration. 

Maximum Exposure

The average U.S. Driver traverses upwards of 14,000 miles each year. This means his vehicle is seen by countless individuals who are driving as well as those who are walk on the sidewalks and street and from those experiencing Florida tourism without a car. The bottom line is that our society is becoming increasingly dependent on automobiles. This is precisely why advertising on vehicles is prudent.

Vehicle Advertising is Comparably Subtle

The typical consumer has grown weary of conventional outbound advertisements on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards and beyond. Our society is absolutely inundated with loud, in-your-face advertisements for all sorts of products and services. The beauty of advertising on cars is that the message feels less overt. It doesn’t consist of loud noises, flashing lights or other somewhat obnoxious stimuli. As a result, prospective customers are much more responsive to the message.

An Affordable Means of Advertising

Advertising on automobiles is quite cheap compared to most traditional forms of advertisement. There is no sense in spending a chunk of your marketing budget to reach people through a TV or magazine ad when you can gain exposure with locals with vehicle advertisements. Ads on cars rack up considerable impressions yet they won’t drain your marketing budget.

It is also worth noting that car advertisements present the opportunity to take advantage of tax write offs. Though you can’t write off the entire cost of a vehicle after slapping your business’s name or logo on it, deductions are available. You can write off vehicle expenses as long as the car is used for advertising purposes. Just be sure to write down all of the vehicle’s expenses and keep the receipts organized so you can zoom right through your end-of-year taxes.

Car Ads Raise Awareness

Though ads placed on vehicles might not immediately result in a boost to the bottom line, they certainly pay off across posterity. Consider the viewpoint of someone who sees your company’s name or logo on a vehicle while in town. He becomes aware of your business’s existence, creates a mental note of your company’s logo and is much more inclined to consider your business for his needs and desires down the line. Do not underestimate the value of this exposure. Think of vehicle advertising as the planting of a seed that will grow as time progresses. 

Car Ads can help if placed on the Right Vehicles

Ideally, your car ads will be placed on vehicles that are in tip-top shape. Furthermore, these vehicles should be driven by individuals who do not take chances on the road. The driver should not end up in Florida traffic school after multiple violations. His on-road behavior really does impact the public’s perception of your business. As long as the vehicle looks clean and the driver obeys the rules of the road, everyone who sees the car ad will think of the sponsoring business in a positive light.

Don’t let any old vehicle serve as your “mobile billboard”. A prospective customer who sees a beaten up, rusted out vehicle with your company’s name or logo on it will not have a favorable impression of your business. Each car featuring your ad should be washed, polished and driven on a regular basis. Keep in mind that people who work from home or aren’t social won’t be on the roads at a high frequency. Limit your car ads to your own company vehicles or those driven by traditional 9-to-5 workers and/or social butterflies to maximize your company’s exposure.

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