Installing innovation management software is the first step towards creating a culture of innovation and driving your business forward. However, once you have it installed, and you have put the message out there about the fact that it exists, you need to make sure people also start to use it. Essentially, you need to figure out how to motivate people to come up with innovative ideas. One way to do this is by providing them with recognition, incentives, and rewards; all of which are classed as external motivators.

Today, the world is driven by technology. However, this does not mean that putting a piece of technology, like a new software, in place, means that it will automatically be used properly as well. In fact, if that is how you view innovation management software, you will quickly find that it won’t serve you at all, and that you won’t get those unique ideas you were hoping for.

What you need to do is come up with a strategy, which includes choosing the software that you want to use. But that is just the first step. What really matters is the actual input that people will give. You need to make sure that people actually feed their ideas, and that others comment on this and work together to turn an idea into a fantastic reality.

Idea Management Software Is Only a Platform

The end goal is to be innovative. Idea management software is the platform that you can use for this, but it is not the end result. Rather, you need to create real innovation across the board, encouraging people to use the platform to the best of its ability. You need to show that you listen to them, and that you have methods in place to determine what will and will not work. To do this, you need to incentivize the system as a whole. People have to have a reason as to why they should contribute to the new platform.

What Is a Reward?

Rewards are things that people receive in order to be recognized for their achievement, their effort, or their service. This “thing” does not have to be something physical, although that can work. That is what is known as an “external motivator”. External motivators can be things like prizes, cash, money, or something else that is tangible. If your employee does what you want them to do – become more engaged with your innovation management software – they can be rewarded for this.

Some people don’t like the idea of monetary or other forms of cash incentives. They see them as some type of bribe. However, what they really are is methods to encourage people to work harder. It recognizes achievement, and when people receive their prize, they will feel acknowledged and fulfilled. Hence, they become more engaged, and this has a positive impact on everybody.

Of course, you can’t rely on monetary incentives alone. It is about creating a positive atmosphere in which people feel encouraged to do more. And the incentives should be a motivator, not a form of pressure either.

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