If you have just started out in a new position selling cars, you might be intimidated by the prospect of selling something that may be worth more than the salary at your last job.

It is completely normal to have these nerves, but there were countless sales people before you that felt the same way you do right now.

In this post, we will review four techniques that will help you get closer to your very first sale.

1) Don’t push cars on customers

There is an incorrect perception that car salespeople need to push cars on their customers. This is the worst thing that you could do, as there is no bigger turn-off than a car salesperson that tries to sell them on a car that they don’t want.

Salespeople that are new to the car business would do well to follow the example of Jeffrey W. Lupient. He would advocate listening to the customers wants and needs. By learning about the type of vehicle that your customer is looking for, you can then suggest a vehicle that fits their life perfectly, which makes for a much easier sell.

2) Brush up on your negotiation skills

While there is a sticker price on every car that sits on your lot, it is a very rare event when it actually sells for that amount. Everybody and their mother knows that there is a considerable profit margin built into the MSRP, so they head to your office prepared to lowball you aggressively when it comes time to hash out the purchase details.

As such, it is important that you study the art of negotiation on an ongoing basis by attending courses and by reading books on the subject. Most car dealerships wouldn’t be around for long if the customer continually got the better of them in negotiations, so learn about every trick in your customer’s playbook so you can counter their strategies effectively.

Knowing this, remember that the best salespeople are the ones that have their customers walking away thinking they got the better deal.

3) Don’t get carried away when it comes to offering cash for trade-ins

A popular ploy to get new customers in the door is to offer them a cash settlement for their used vehicles. This provides them with a decent chunk of cash for a down payment on a brand new vehicle, making it a highly effective tool to increase sales volumes.

However, don’t break the bank when it comes to this tactic, as used cars are a mixed bag when it comes to quality. Get good at appraising the condition and value of these vehicles; this way, you be able to offer deals that make your customer happy, while also providing enough wriggle room for allow for repairs and a decent profit margin when you go to re-sell the used vehicle.

4) Offer to take them on a test drive

There is nothing that will get your customer in a buying mood faster than taking them on a test drive a car in which they are already showing interest.

By getting familiar with its features, and by visualizing themselves being the owner of this vehicle, you’ll have the psychological upper hand when you both get back to the dealership.

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