No Need For Cable Anymore

Those who have been attached to a cable company for years may finally realize that there are alternatives to cable television. Although cable claims to have a clear picture and HD channels, fiber optic television has proven to be an excellent source of crystal-clear channels as well as providing other types of services.

Those who want to make the switch from cable, which has only gone up in price almost every year for decades; should try Verizon FiOS. The services provided by FiOS are connected via fiber optic cables, which can provide high-speed Internet, digital home phone, and television services. When you’ve finally tired of every other company charging you too much money for your service needs, then it’s time to give Verizon FiOS a try.

Verizon FiOS Services

The services provided by Verizon FiOS can be chosen as a single service, or it’s possible to get two or even three of the services available all at once. Those looking for Internet service will be pleased to know that Verizon FiOS has blazing speeds, which are fast enough to download videos in seconds, and uploading is super fast as well.

Those who have work to do on the Internet will never have to worry about downloads slowing down, stopping, or not working at all. Verizon FiOS Internet service has download speeds of 20 Mbps and higher, which is fast enough to do any and everything on the Internet, including downloading videos, streaming movies, downloading music, and more.

If entertainment is what you’re looking for, then the television service from Verizon FiOS is just what you need. With hundreds of available channels, you’ll never be short of movies and videos to watch, and there are even premium movie channels as well as many other unique channels to keep you entertained. The television service is excellent for those who have an HDTV, especially since there are HD channels available as well.

Although many feel they have no need for a home phone, you’ll be surprised at how valuable a home phone can be, especially if a cell phone ever stops working. The digital home phone provided by Verizon FiOS is very reliable, it has clear call quality, and the price is very reasonable.

You Can Start Today

Those who want to get Verizon Fios in Newark can simply visit the website to get started.

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