Even though the world is constantly evolving with modernization, certain aspects are still years behind – female leadership in workplaces is high on the list. Giving positions of greater responsibility to men is often seen, but there are ways to change this.

Re-evaluation of Job Requirements
Doing some re-evaluation of job requirements for the senior roles may help by allowing a wider net to be cast, opening up more chances for women to be hired. Those job requirement changes can include asking for slightly different experience or a lesser time spent in the workforce.

Candidate Diversity
In a diverse workplace, the candidates for job roles must be also diverse and the pool of possible candidates will need to grow. The expansion of the candidate pool may be by undertaking graduate recruitment, where an aptitude test and fit for the business is more important than gender. Companies such as Sanctuary Graduates can offer advice on ensuring candidate diversity or even handle your screening for you if you’re looking for graduate recruitment candidates.

Considering the Removal of Names from the CV
It’s possible for businesses to form biases, so sometimes it’s worth considering requesting CV’s where names have been removed, thus removing any gender bias which may take place in this instance.

Equalizing the Interviews
Asking every candidate the same questions helps to lessen the chances of discrimination and therefore increase the likelihood of gender diversity. There are many times when men are more likely to spend some time in the company of senior executives or handle more important clients or cases, giving them a higher chance of receiving promotion and eventually that leadership role. Using processes where all employees are given a fair opportunity may help towards gender diversity as well. This is another case where the system from Sanctuary Graduates comes in as the graduate recruitment test only showcases skill.

Stabilizing Wage Gaps
The gender wage gap is also a major issue that at times may contribute to a company having a lesser gender diversity in employees. Candidates should not be asked by hiring representatives what their former wages were nor should percentages in current wages be withheld due to gender. Suggestions have even been made that women who were paid less be retroactively compensated.

Co-ed Mentorship Programs
When there are mentorship programs within companies, sometimes an executive can feel it easier to all involved to only pair a senior and junior employee only if they are the same gender. As is often the case where the senior men outnumber the senior women, it can be unfair to the junior female employees who might not receive the attention they need and deserve. Allowing mentors of the opposite gender to train an employee instead should remedy this.

Shutting Down Sexual Harassment
Cases of sexual harassment in a workplace can also contribute to lack of gender diversity – women who are subject to it are sometimes given the choice of a job or protecting themselves. A company with an HR Department that takes these cases seriously and acts accordingly will go far in keeping employees gender diverse.


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