Investment is not exclusively for those who are already sitting on a gold mine and in reality, you can start off with as little as just a few hundred dollars. Naturally, if you do have a little m ore financial power than  few hundred dollars, you can go heavier on your investments and potentially see far larger profits doing your way.


I began a few years ago with $5,000 and a mission that I was going to open up and investment portfolio and see how much I could make, there have been profits and losses over the last few years for sure but I am most definitely ‘up’ since starting out with that $5,000 and here is where I have made the most money from my investments.


Binary Options Trading


This was where I started out with my investments, binary options are essentially a yes or no proposition whereby you gamble on the price of an asset being higher or lower than its current price. Options are always between $0-100 and you will commit some of your cash to saying that the price of silver for example, will be above its current price at 4pm this afternoon. Hypothetically, let’s say you bought an option for $32, if silver is indeed higher then you will win $100 minus your $32 outlay, if the price falls below, you lose your $32. It really is that simple to trade with binary options and as long as you understand finance you could make some great profits.


Real Estate


I made around $40,000 form binary options trading and decided to put this money into real estate to add to my portfolio. I enlisted the support of real estate brokers the Welfont Group and was able to snag an out of town apartment for $32,000, it needed some work doing and after investing a couple of thousand in this, I began renting the property out. Two years have passed and I have not only seen steady rent flow coning in each month to give me liquid cash, but the property has increased in value by over 68% and is currently on the market. Real estate is a solid and secure way to invest your money and a great way to make strong profits.




My biggest gambles to date have been in the investment in two start-up companies, I worked in civil engineering my whole life and as such have great experience in this field. I used the experience that I have to find two young, hungry and creative civil engineering projects that were in need of funding. After striking a deal with them both about what I would receive for my money, I invested $10,000 in each. As yet, neither has hit the big time but they are still very new businesses who are trying to find their feet and I am confident that they will find great success and make me a lot of money in the process.


If you have savings then my advice would be to just start investing, it is a great way to make money and even if you start off small you can still see some strong profits coming your way.

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