The increasing use of technology like smartphones and tablets means it’s easier than ever for people to work on the go.

This is especially great for entrepreneurs who may still be in the process of setting up their company and lack a physical office environment from which to conduct business from. In fact, even established executives are breaking free of their four walls in favour of a more suitable remote location or work on the go.

Besides, if you are looking to break into global markets, being flexible and knowing which tools to use to help you connect with clients all over the world is indispensable.

If you are always working on the go and feel like you’re forever conducting business out of a suitcase, the following tips may help you succeed on the move.

Be organised

If you know you’re going to be out and about for the whole day – meeting prospective customers and clients – for example, it’s important to be organised.

For those that are reliant on mobile devices from which to conduct business from while on the go, start the day with a full battery and remember to put chargers in your bag when you leave in the morning.

A diary – both real and virtual – will help you to get all the day’s tasks in order, as well a to-do list that can be ticked off after each job is completed.

Be in contact

While meeting face-to-face is important when trying to grow your company, the nature of today’s global business environment means that this isn’t always possible.

Instead, make sure you keep on top of emails, as this may be your primary point of contact with clients and consumers.

MakingĀ use of free teleconferencing servicesĀ is another good way to keep the lines of communication open and they can be used to organise meetings both nationally and internationally.

Using social media is a less formal communicative tool, but can connect you to people located in each corner of the globe in seconds – great when on the go.


Wherever possible get your company out in the public eye. If your local area is holding networking events specific to your industry, go along and make sure you go out of your way to meet people and make contacts.

Trade fairs and local events are also great places to get your name out there – find out about having a stand from which you can give prospects an insight into your company, as well as offer free gifts such a keyrings or pens, which are easy enough to carry around when on the go but have the benefit of inexpensive advertising.

Business trip offers

However the chance may arise – whether through networking or contacts – if you are ever offered the opportunity to embark on a business trip, pack up your suitcase and go.

Meeting clients in person means you will be firmly placed in their minds and they can put a face to the name they have seen so often in correspondence. Personally and professionally, it’s a great way to grow and all manner of opportunities could arise as a result.


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