Not many people really understand just how important online reputation management is to the overall well-being of their company’s or even personal identity. You must remember that we now live in a digital age, and that there are information sources available for everything from the president to ZZ Top. And it is also important to remember that people actually search for these information sources in order to influence their own opinion.


What online reputation management does is make sure that you are portrayed positively on the internet. While the internet is a brilliant invention that has brought much good to our lives, it is also a wholly unregulated place where people can spread rumors and gossip without any control. If these rumors are presented properly, they can go viral and become accepted as fact. Remember reading that Snoop Dog had died? That Mountain Dew changed the color of men’s genitals? The KFC had been forced by the FDA to change their name because no chicken was included in their food? These are outrageous rumors, but there are people out there who believe them.

What Online Reputation Management Can Do for You

Generally speaking, online reputation managers are also SEO experts and they work tirelessly to help protect the online reputation of businesses and individuals. Here are some of the positive effects of reputation management:

  • Improved customer satisfaction – By knowing what your current reputation looks like, you have an opportunity to become proactive. If certain areas of your business are gaining genuine negative reviews, it will tell you that you need to improve those areas of your service. Naturally, it is also an opportunity to see the good things that are being said about you, allowing you to build on those.
  • Brand perception can be increased – Online reviews, whether positive or negative, are a form of free market research that you can use to improve the way people see your brand.
  • Maintain shareholder value – By making sure your reputation is solid, your shareholders will have more trust in your brand and company.
  • Engage in effective and positive public relations, learning who influences your brand identity.
  • Growing your understanding on the strengths and weaknesses of your business. There is a relationship between how you perform and what types of reviews are out there. Even if some of the negative comments are purely slanderous, you still have an opportunity to learn about yourself.
  • It allows you to be proactive and avoid bad PR from spiraling out of control.
  • Reduce your costs of marketing. By working on improving your reputation by focusing on pushing the positive forward, you are also engaging in solid search engine optimization processes, which means you have to spend less on that area of marketing. This will also reduce your overall internal costs and it means you can spend more on other areas.
  • It helps you to identify any potential gaps in your service, products, relationships and more. By spotting these gaps, you can experience greater business growth.

The bottom line is that your online reputation matters and that, by improving it, you will experience business growth.

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