Blogging is no doubt fun and also helps you to earn some cash in the process (though not all blogs earn money). While some bloggers prefer to keep it as their passion and not make it commercial, others want to make the most of it commercially.

Regardless of the situation, what matters is absolutely a different aspect altogether far from the concepts of how to start a blog, what to write, how to write, and so on.

Here we will focus on a very important factor that will decide how involved you ought to be in your blog, we will deal with the frequency with which you should post content on your blog. Check it out.

Given below are few points that you need to take into account before deciding the frequency of posting content on your blog. These are as follows-

  • Topic of the blog- Depending on what you are writing on, the frequency of posting ought to be determined. For instance, if your blog is about electronic/the virtual world, gadgets, newer inclusions in the tech world, you will perhaps have a lot of content to post on a regular basis. This is because it is well understood that every electronic gadget has its versions. And how each version is or differs from one another has to be posted. As such, if yours is a gadget based blog, the content has to be frequently added as compared to any other topic, which doesn’t have much to talk about.

  • Time and length of blog posts – If you tend to write shorter posts every time, your readers (blog fans) will come back for more to find if there is anything new. But if a single post you write is too long, a reader will perhaps have little interest to come back too soon. The length of the post determines how much you can write. You can also strike a balance between the 2. For instance, you can write one post that is shorter (choose a topic accordingly) and the other one (based on its allied topic) can be a bit longer.

  • RSS Feed – From the point of view of search engines or rather SEO, writing frequent (quality) blog posts attract a lot of web traffic to your website. The more number of blogs you write, more traffic you receive and most importantly feedback and referrals through RSS Feed. However, the content has to be of good quality to get traffic.

  • Writing quality suffers setback – It has been observed that writing too frequent posts that have to meet the quality standards at all times oftentimes puts a writer at stake in terms of fatigue and content quality. As a writer, if you have to be under constant pressure, at one point of time, fatigue will set in, not just physical but also mental. As such, in order to produce quality content, it is important for the writer to slow down a bit from time to time.

Regardless of the frequency or the post length, an important aspect that you ought to keep in mind is quality. No matter what, you cannot afford to compromise on quality content. This will perhaps decide how frequently, you ought to post content on your blog.

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