Some businesses wonder whether there is any point to encouraging costumers to leave positive reviews. Any reputation management firm will tell you, however, that it is not just important, it is vital. Did you know that, for just a single negative review, you will need at least five positive ones to swing public opinion around? It is vital, therefore, that as many people as possible come to you to say good things. Unfortunately, when something works well, people tend to stay quiet. But when something goes wrong, everybody has something to say about it. This is why you need to make concentrated efforts to encourage people to let you know how they feel, particularly if their experience was positive.

How to Encourage People to Leave a Good Review

There are both direct and subtle ways to encourage people to do this. The direct way is to offer your customer some sort of reward in return for their review. This does not necessarily mean that the review is going to be positive, so you should only do this if you’re quite positive that your customer had a good experience. Another direct option is to offer a new product as a promotion or a contest, offering it to people in return for their review. This is something that many businesses have attempted to do through the Amazon selling platform, although Amazon has now put new procedures in place to stop this. The benefit of doing this is that you not only have a greater chance of receiving positive reviews, you also advertise your product.

Indirect ways also exist. For instance, you should have clear and easy to use social media sharing options available on both your blog and your website. Furthermore, you should create regular YouTube videos (video marketing is the next big thing!), which you can end with a call to action for people to share their experiences with the product. People are helpful by nature and if they feel they can help someone by recommending something, they will. They just need a little gentle reminder from time to time.

Because the internet as a whole and social media in particular is now so popular, all businesses have to engage in online reputation management. This is not a passing phase that you can choose to take or leave. It is absolutely essential to implement a strategy across your business, as it will literally make or break your business. You have to know what people’s opinion is about you, not just to survive as a business, but also to teach you how to become even better. It is about being proactive, encouraging people to be positive about you, rather than solely reactive, meaning you only respond once something goes wrong.

What an online reputation management company can do for you, is manage that entire process. This means nothing will ever get missed again, be that a good or a bad comment.

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