If you have decided that forming a limited liability company is a great idea, you may be wondering just how to about such a process. While in the past, such a process would have to be done in person at the relevant state department, today it is as easy as logging onto your laptop and going online.

When you form an LLC File, it is of vital importance that you always keep your relevant state regulations and requirements alongside your formation process. There are mandatory conditions which each state will require any LLC under their jurisdiction to follow.

The Process of Filing and Online LLC Form

Once you have located your relevant state’s limited liability company’s filing website, it is time to get to work. Here is a general overview of a typical online filing process. In order for an LLC to be registered, a member must fill out a certificate of organization.

  1. First, you need to provide your employer’s identification details, if these are available to you in the first place.
  1. Next, you will be providing the federally accepted title of your LLC. Generally, such a name will have to contain the following words, such as “limited company”, or “limited liability company” or the following abbreviations, such as LLC, L.L.C., LC, or L.C.

You can, if you wish, include the name of a particular manager or member in the name design. You cannot, however, include any words or names which may be seemingly deceptive in their similarity to any liability company, limited liability, corporation, or limited partnership which has been formalized under the general rulings of the Commonwealth.

This includes any registered or licensed organization that has been formed as a foreign limited partnership, foreign corporation, or foreign limited liability, unless the appropriate consent has been granted through a partnership.

  1. You must include the street address of whichever office located within the Commonwealth, which will ensure that the relevant records are being upheld.
  1. You will now need to provide a general overview of your business and the services it provides. If these are indeed professional services, and to whom they will be generally rendered to.

You will also need to include all of the relevant managers and members that will rendering services within the Commonwealth. With this must be included a statement describing the limited liability of a particular company, and how it will abide to such liabilities.

  1. The next step involves providing the most recent dissolution date, if that is indeed a required specification.
  1. The information with regards to the address and name of whichever service agent you will be employing, as well as their consent form.
  1. The name, as well as the address – if your LLC happens to be at a separate location from your main offices – of each relevant manager.
  1. Other partners with the appropriate authority to process documents which will be held by the Corporations Division must also have their names and addresses provided.




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