You’ve gone through the trouble of setting up a business blog, but you’re not quite sure what to write about. Here’s how to fill your blog with great content, no matter what industry you’re in.

1. Research the websites and web pages that are ranking for specific keywords. You can search by website and find out their daily traffic and their top pages, and you can also get a report about their organic keywords. SEMrush is a great tool for this.

2. Do a website audit on a competitor’s business. With a website audit tool, you can pull a bunch of information, including ALT tags on images, SEO, and posts. This gives an overall idea of what they’re trying to accomplish.

3. Read the comment section on related blog posts. You can find out what readers want clarified, if they’re having trouble with a concept, or what they want to talk about. Some blogs will even prioritize the posts with the most comments.

4. Browse forums to further tune in to what your audience wants to talk about. Forum threads can supply with you with knowledge and also figure out what people want and what problems they’re having. This will help you notice gaps in information, which you can fill in on your own blog.

5. Check out question and answer websites to find questions related to your niche. Look at related questions, too. Then, compose blog posts that answer these questions. Make sure your SEO is up to par, since people will be searching in a specific way for answers to common questions.

6. Look at what’s trending on social media. Search for a topic and the latest news will come up. Or, look at the trending boxes on Facebook or Twitter. An external tool will also find trending blog posts related to a niche.

7. Have a PDF that you’d love to turn into a blog post? OCR technology from KM lets you do just that, even if it’s a read-only PDF!

8. Check out Google Trends, which will tell you what’s hot in a variety of areas, from sports and celebrities to business and tech. You can also signup for Google Alerts, which will send you an e-mail when there’s a new story about a specific topic.

Brainstorming and writing blog posts can be a full-time job. It’s best to have one person dedicated to your editorial calendar. If you don’t want to hire a new staff member or spare an existing one, consider working with a freelancer.


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