The subject of staffing a new business is a tricky one, once you first get started in business, money will be the biggest thing on your mind and deciding on hiring staff will need to prove to be cost effective. Many people get started in business with family and friends and fail to take staff on at the right time, this can lead to you being overworked and ultimately it could damage how effective you and your business is. By the same token, hiring staff at the beginning and paying out for something that is not necessary can do even greater damage to your business and cause a cash flow issue very quickly.


Experts in the industry like JD Dukes suggest that the best thing to do is try as hard as possible to avoid having staff in the beginning and then gradually hire one or two to see how much it helps your business. When that time comes, here are the best ways to go about hiring.


Reach Wide and Far


If you want the best staff then you will have to go searching for them and simply placing an ad in the local paper will not be enough. There are so many job sites and vacancy pages out there that it is worthwhile aiming to get your vacancy on as many as possible. Doing this will ensure maximum exposure and increase your percentages of landing the best person for the job.


Detailed Description


When giving a job description you must avoid being vague at all costs, just giving a general idea for the job will either attract those who couldn’t perform the job if they tried or those who are far too good for the position. In order to get the right person for the job you need to be fully descriptive about all of the tasks that the candidate will be required to perform. The more information the better and that includes the personal benefits of the job as well, many seem to think that not mentioning how much the pay will be is some great way to attract intrigue, it will not, be honest and detailed if you want the right person.


Whittle Down Brutally


Realistically, when it come stop the interview process for just one job, you don’t want to be interviewing more than 6 or 7 people. For this reason it will be during the screening process that you will need to be most brutal. Lose those without the skills, experience or qualifications, the same goes for anyone who worked multiple jobs in a short space of time. If you have 12 strong looking candidates then pick 7 to interview and keep the 5 on hold, should the first 7 not yield a worthy person for the job then invite your 5 on hold to an interview. This is one of the best methods for getting the right person.




the interview is less about finding out if the candidate can do the job, it is more about finding someone who is compatible with the team and more importantly, the company and its values. Ensure that your line of questioning is not monotonous, you are trying to discover as much as you can about the character of the person in front of you and you should try to get as much out of them as possible with your questions.

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