The holidays are a major money-spending time for most of us and the greatest money-making time for retailers. Many of them rely on the holiday sales to get them through the leanest months of January and February, so you can see why they invest lots of resources into reaching their target market – often engaging in email marketing.

Now more than ever, we get bombarded by dozens of emails daily, offering sales, promoting new arrivals, sharing suggested gift ideas for that “hard-to-buy-for person on your Christmas list.” In the tidal wave of digital correspondence coming our way, we tend to either get overwhelmed by the emails and just delete them all, or spend hours and hours sifting through them, trying to glean some value from them.

It’s time to systemize our approach to holiday email marketing – from the recipient’s point of view. The goal is to make the most of the deals and sales out there, without wasting precious time and clogging up our inboxes.

Unsubscribe From Any Store or Service that You Don’t Like

Before the onslaught of holiday marketing begins, go through the emails that you currently get. Unsubscribe from any email lists that no longer interest you, nipping the problem in the bud and automatically decreasing the number of emails you will get this holiday season. If there is a store or service that you still want to get emails from, just not so many, see if there is an option for less frequent updates. This ensures that you get the important communications without getting bombarded daily.

Install a Spam Filter

Spam, or unsolicited emails, will keep coming in the holiday rush and just get mixed up with the other hundreds of emails you will be getting. Avoid accidentally opening an infected email by installing a spam filter as a solution for all undesirable email. Not only will this protect you from a malfunctioning computer or device during this busy time of year, but it will further decrease the volume of emails you will be receiving.

Create a Specific Folder for Shopping

Get a bit techy and create some commands in your inbox that will automatically store emails from certain senders in different folders. This means that you won’t have to worry about missing the deal of the year while sifting through other unrelated emails, just like spiralling into a shopping spree while at work is also less of a risk. When you are ready for it, you will simply open your “shopping” folder and browse through the marketing correspondence that came in that day.

Flag Emails that Are Pertinent

Are you almost ready to buy but just want to check one more source? Instead of just moving on and then having trouble finding this email, flag it. Use your “important” flagging feature to mark emails that you think have a lot of potential and require a second look.

Delete Emails that Don’t Interest You

Don’t like it? Delete it. It’s that simple. If you get an email that gives you no value and you know that you won’t need it for future reference, just delete it. There’s no sense in clogging up your inbox with useless emails. If you find yourself deleting multiple emails from the same sender, it might be a sign that it’s time to unsubscribe.

Regardless whether you consider online shopping a chore or your hobby, email marketing emails can actually get you exclusive promotions and make you aware of sales you would have otherwise missed. The trick is to use them to float happily through the holiday season instead of drowning in sheer volume.



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