YouTube is truly a wonderful website, it has changed the way in which the World watches videos and it is responsible for making many people famous. The video sharing website is not just the best place to watch funny, exciting, informative and helpful videos, it is also a way in which anyone in the world with a camera and an internet connection can express themselves creatively and also making a good living should they find some success.

Anyone can create their own YouTube channel where they can star in videos, show off their video creation skills or even use it to promote their brand like my friend Steve Sorensen. The challenge of  YouTube channel does not lie within the creation of the channel or the making of the videos, the real challenge is gaining popularity for you, your videos and your channel so that you can find some fame and make some money. If you have a YouTube channel and want to make it a success then here are some top tips to help you out.

Social Media is Key

Simply creating a video and uploading it to your channel is highly unlikely to attract any kind of viewership and if you ant people to come and view your stuff then you’re going to have to tell them about it. Thankfully we live in the social media age where it has never been easier to show off your products to millions of people around the World. If you want to grow your channel then you need to be active across all social media channels promoting your videos and engaging with your prospective audience, the best way to drive people to your YouTube channel is through social media.

Content is King

A single view is great but what you are really looking for is viewers who want to keep on coming back and looking at your videos as well as sharing it amongst their friends. In order to get these kind of viewers you need to be creating high quality content that is being published on a regular basis. Consistency when posting your content is also very important when looking for viewers to keep coming back to your page and if they know that every Wednesday at 3pm that you post a video then you ought to continue posting videos at that time. This will create little hype around your videos and ensure that people continue to watch.

Create Contacts

Many successful vloggers attribute much of their success to the contacts which they made within the industry. When you think about it, the internet is the biggest community in the World and in order for a community to thrive, those within it must help one another. Making friends with other YouTubers within your niche is a great way for you to find a mutually beneficial relationship which will share the viewership between yourselves. This can help you to rise up the ranks quickly and get those viewership numbers up.

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