Office supplies tend to add expenses and sometimes these can be vast. Whether it be new computers for recent hires or even just notepads for each employee. Saving money on these things is very easy if a few steps are taken. Office supplies impact your bottom line immensely without business owners even knowing it. Here are a few ways to help reduce the costs of office supplies while not having to spend the entirety of your day on it.

Look For Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save on office supplies as many stores have great deals going on during certain parts of the year. Groupon has Ebay coupons throughout the year and they are constantly updating. Unlike many coupons these are free and all that you need is the coupon code.

Shop During Tax Free Week & Black Friday

In many places there is a tax free week that usually corresponds with the beginning of the school year. The 7 or 8 percent sales tax in your state can be a huge discount off of your office supplies. There are also places that give discounts on computers during this period. Another great time to shop if your office is in need of electronics is Black Friday. The deals that are seen on this day are unlike any other time of the year.

Shop Around Online

If you aren’t sure who is going to have the cheapest office supplies then taking a look at the store’s website is a great place to start. Some stores might be cheaper with certain materials while the other stores have different materials that are cheaper. You can make a list and visit these stores separately as many office supply stores are in a close proximity to each other.

Saving on office supplies is not difficult but it does take some research on your end. This can help your bottom line whether it is a large company or a small business. Good luck saving!”

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