You have a great idea for a restaurant that is sure to be the spot for awesome night out. Menu? Check. A great chef? Check. An interior designer?


That’s right. Getting the best look for your restaurant is just as important as anything else that will draw people in and make them want to come back for seconds and thirds. Sure, you can do it yourself, but having an interior designer will make your venture less stressful and more professional. Here are a few things that interior designers can help you with:

Setting the Tone

People eat with their eyes first, and when your restaurant is stylish and comfortable, people will always be hungry for more. Professional interior designers have their pulse on the most up-to-date trends in the business and can help your restaurant stand out.

A lot goes into the decor of a eating establishment. Should you have neutral colors, or colors that pop? Wooden or stainless steel table legs? Covered tables or naked ones? The answers to these questions can take up valuable time that could be spent on other important tasks.

Even if you have the exact vision for the decor, a professional can keep you posted on up-and-coming styles and trends, or steer you away from ones that are beginning to grow stale.


A professional interior designer can also help you with any building permits that are required, and give you advice on ways to build.

Before you can open a restaurant, you will certainly have to submit permit applications that require architectural drawings. These exist so the government can make sure your building is up to code and safe, and include electrical, plumbing and mechanical blueprints.

These can — and should — be looked over by a designer to make sure everything is up to spec. Otherwise, you may face some unforeseen problems and delays before opening your restaurant. A professional will be able to catch any errors or correct any mistakes that may exist.

Saving Money

You may think it seems counter-intuitive that you could save money while paying another person to do a job you think you could do for yourself. But, really, it should come as no surprise.

When you try to tackle a job you are not qualified to do, you will make mistakes. Lots of them, probably. And every time you make a mistake, you cost yourself time and money. And no matter how small, those mistakes add up.

By hiring a professional, you can minimize setbacks. A good interior designer can boost sales by creating a pleasant eating atmosphere. And, because they know what they are doing, the design process will be smoother and less prone to costly mistakes. Many professionals also have good relationships with contractors and stores, so they may even be able to find discounts that you would be unable to.

Sure, your restaurant is your baby. Even though you want to do everything yourself, sometimes it’s wiser to step aside and let a professional handle it.

Tia Wilson has worked as an interior designer for many years. She works with businesses in the leisure and travel industry mostly, from boutique hotels to bistro’s.

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