International moving of goods or international shipping can seem to be exciting but at the same time it is also daunting enough. Chances are high that you will do international shipping just a single time throughout your life and majority of us won’t ever have to do it. Having mentioned that, you must be thinking about what this process involves and how it is done. The concerns of this article will deal with how the entire process works and how you should make informed decisions, particularly about how you should prepare and select an international shipping company. People shipping from the US will find this post primarily beneficial as it is written keeping them in mind. However, it is applicable to all who ship goods abroad. Let’s go through the information.

International shipping – Who are involved in the process?

There are many companies and people who are involved in the process of international shipment and if you know who they are, this will be beneficial for you. You will most likely have direct touch with 1 or 2 of the companies which are involved and have almost no contact with the others. Here are some people involved.

  • The Shipper: Who is the shipper? It is you who is performing the shipment and you are also the exporter and also the importer. The person exporting goods from a country is an exporter and importer is a person importing goods into a country. As a shipper, you accept the entire responsibility for the legitimacy of the goods which are shipped, supplying all documents and paperwork, any import duties and most vitally the charges which might rise from some unusual or sudden event. Hence, you need to know all rules for importing to a particular country to which you are shipping goods. Budget additional money into the event if necessary.
  • The shipping company or moving manager: The term moving manager is being used to speak about the function which that person can perform. Remember that your move manager will be the international shipping company which you select. The company which oversees your shipment, the company which signs contract and which sends you the bill. It is also the company which will come to you when there is some unpredictable event of damage.
  • Origin agent: This will be the local company which will carry forward the visual survey. This company will send off someone to your home to check what is being shipped before offering a quote for the move. He is the person who will load and pack the shipment. This origin agent may even be the consolidating warehouse, the freight forwarder or the Move management. What exactly are you shipping? Are you shipping cargo containers for sale? All this has to be checked by the agent.

Therefore, in order to carry on with successful international shipping, you have to involve the above mentioned people who have their own roles and responsibilities to perform.

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