Deciding on which career is right for you can be a difficult time, regardless of how many online tests you do or how many career advisors you talk to, there are pros and cons with many careers that you may think could fit into your plans. Very often some jobs look more attractive than they are and others may seem unreachable for you so you need to think well about what skills and attributes you have and how you can turn them into a career. One profession that many wish to get in to is law, being a lawyer can be a great profession, it pays well and it can give you the chance to do some good in the World. The truth is that with the right skill set and the right education that you could go on to follow in the footsteps of top lawyers such as Jon Bunge, one of the best lawyers in the whole of Chicago, before you decide on a career in law here is the basic skills that you will need.


The role of a lawyer is to persuade a jury that you and your case is in the right, in order to do this you need to be able to formulate strong and sensible arguments that support your case. Being persuasive is more than just presenting a strong argument, it is also about how you present your argument and if you want to be a lawyer then you must be able to convince people to believe you.


A good lawyer has great reasoning skills, the ability to look at all sides of an argument in order to work out which way to leverage your case. You must also be able to use your opponents arguments against them and in order to do so you need to be able to use strong reasoning skills and creativity.

Good Reader

Reading takes up the most time in a lawyer’s position, and equally when you are studying, you must be able to absorb a great deal of information easily if you wish to be a good lawyer. When you are studying for cases you will need to utilize previous cases, you need to know them inside out and reading will play a huge role in this.

Attention to Detail

Cases are won and lost based on the smallest of details and it is important that you have the type of mind that pays attention to them all. In order to be successful as a lawyer you need to be able to look beyond the main picture and find each and every tiny fault and detail that exists behind it.

Hard Working

Lawyers are on the go all the time, constantly reading, studying, formulating arguments, meeting with clients and if you don’t have a strong wrk ethic then you simply won’t survive. In order to be a good lawyer you must have commitment, dedication and a lot of drive.

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