The moment you tell your employees you are using time management software to track their progress at work; it will be met with resistance. They will feel like they are being spied on. You are forcing them to work even if they are extremely tired. However, you need to be firm in this decision.

Besides, if they know they are already doing their job well, this is not something they have to worry about. They can just keep doing their tasks as if they are not being tracked. They can submit what is asked of them on time.

You also need to clarify that it is being done not to punish them. Instead, you want them to be a part of the team. They should feel like they have contributed to the success of the business. Most of all, you need to remind them that they are being paid to work and not to do anything else. If they are sick or they feel like they have already finished what was asked of them, they can always take a leave of absence.

Be strong

Make clear rules for how the time management apps will be used. Since you can track if employees are working or not, it is easy to determine if they have done their share or they are too lazy. If they are consistent in being lazy and you think they are not providing any help to the company, just go ahead and fire them.

This might sound harsh, but they get what they deserve. They know it in their hearts that they have to be fired. You can’t keep on paying them if they are not pulling their weight in moving the company forward. Besides, you will not just fire people according to your will. There is evidence that they are not doing their job and you have every right to let them go. You can find a better person for the job, so you have nothing to worry about.

Always thank them

Aside from asking them to make the most of their time, you should also thank them. This is true if they have done a great job or if they have finished their tasks on time. You might even raise the salary of some people if they are really excellent.

Eventually, they will realise that these apps are actually helping them in the same way that they are helping the company. It will likely be met with resistance at first, but soon they will realise it is the right thing to do. They will even be grateful that you have taught them the value of time management with the help of these apps.


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