John Binkley Dallas is the God-fearing founder of Generational Equity, a successful firm that specializes in mergers and acquisitions. As a leadership consultant and respected author, John Binkley Dallas is used to leading and inspiring people. John Binkley Dallas has spent over two decades not just taking care of his business firm, but he has also done tireless missionary work. He has done work together with many different ministries and organizations in doing God’s Work like establishing churches, digging water wells to provide clean potable water in economically-depressed areas and spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS. One would think that all this effort would translate into a big head and ego. However, this humble man believes that just like how Jesus calls his people his sheep and he their shepherd, it is imperative to keep reminding oneself that in the end, God is the ultimate leader.

How to be a Christian Business Leader

Every Christian who strives to be a good leader needs to understand one fundamental point: spreading the Word of God and bringing people to God’s grace are the final goals. Personal satisfaction from gaining the respect and admiration of one’s employees, customers and peers should not distract a good Christian leader from the ultimate truth. Once this is understand, a good Christian leader should let everybody know that he is a follower of God the Father, Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit. This means that everybody in the company, from the senior partners, the managers, the accountants, even the temps and janitors should be informed of your faith. This also has a practical purpose – everybody in the company would know where you are coming from every time they are in a conversation with you. John Binkley Dallas reassures that after a while, they would no longer give you confused looks the next time you mention the Bible. This is important because the Word of God should guide any Christian leader in whatever business decision he needs to make.

God in Business

One very important thing any Christian business leader to keep in mind when making any business decision is this: does this serve the Word of God? In other words, one has to ask oneself: does this bring His people closer to Him? John Binkley Dallas assures that learning the local language, culture and customs would help make your words be more readily accepted and understood. Any missionary needs to be aware that as guest, one should always have good manners. Moreover, John Binkley Dallas also stresses that one should also not assume that one mere mention of God or the Bible would make all the people around you, be it employees or customers, agree with you and take your side right away. You are still responsible in educating them about the true Word of God. Always be humble and open to what others say. Who knows, you might also learn a few things while you are teaching these people about the Word of God in a business setting.

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