The folks at will tell you Nike is a great source of form and function for any consumer who wants to exercise. And according to Nike, everyone with a body is an athlete. That means go out and run. Or play soccer. Or maybe even throw a football. Nike’s most popular shoe choices include Nike’s SF Air Force 1 Mid, Air VaporMax Flyknit SE, Air Huarache SE, Air Max 90 LX, and Air Jordan VIII Altitude. Any of these shoes will make even a trip to the more fashionable and interesting.


But beyond providing exceptional style, an admirable company invests in adults, children, and its employees. Nike does just these things through its social programs aimed at bringing activity, equality, resources, and education to various communities in the United States and around the globe. In addition to developing cutting-edge athletic wear and accessories designed for optimum performance and maximum style, Nike also takes the time and makes the effort to help others.


In fact, they are driven by concern for youths’ wellbeing. Through their investments aimed at creating various sports programs, Nike keeps countless kids active, healthy, and happy. They are deeply concerned about contributing to the health of youth through sports and other programs, keeping communities active and well educated, and increasing and capitalizing on diversity to ensure satisfaction and creativity among its employees.


Nike invests in people’s futures. Their 2020 Targets to Unleash Human Potential includes investing at least 1.5% of pre-tax income to positively impact communities and attracting and developing diverse talent to drive the future of the industry. They also partner with more than 60 other organizations around the world to unleash the potential of as many people around the globe as possible. They are passionate about creating positive social impact, and equality among all. Nike’s global partners include Marathon Kids, Player International, Children Sport Foundation, and China Education Foundation. Organizations such as MENTOR and PeacePlayers International also help to ensure that sports balls “bounce equally for everyone,” so to speak.


Sustainability is another important aspect in Nike’s company values. Because they believe that the world needs systematic change in the way companies emit pollutants, they are working enelessly to create a low-carbon growth economy that focuses on the seriousness of fighting climate change. They also address business concerns such as resource scarcity, fluctuating prices of raw materials, and disruptions in supply chains. They do all of this with an eye on the health of the environment — as well as their customers’ wellbeing.


And, even beyond all this goodness and community outreach, Nike makes shopping simple, too. Free shipping, gift cards, easy returns, student and military discount, and other features ensure your experience, whether online or in a brick-and-mortar store, will be optimal. Nike employees’ happiness with a company that treats them well translates to innovative products for you the consumer.


It’s easy to forget, but please don’t: Nike brands include Hurley and Converse as well. Hurley’s assortment of board shorts, pants, shorts, T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, jackets, hats, sandals, wetsuits and compression suits offer any surfer the ideal smorgasbord of surfing products. And Converse, too, offers its iconic “Cons” and “Chucks” for all ages, among other legendary products.


These reasons and many more make Nike the best place to purchase athletic wear, sports accessories, locker room needs and gadgets. And the fact it invests so much in its employees and community youth speaks volumes about the company’s worth.


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