We’ve all been there. Spent too much time and way too much money on a gift that only evoke a “yeahhhh” and a cold thank you from the recipient. The worst thing is that after an experience like that, next time you give a gift to that person, you only end up spending MORE time and MORE money in order to compensate for the poor delivery of the last present.

Let’s end this very terrible loop of bad gifting right now. It’s time to invest in some gifts that never miss the mark and also deliver a punch, even if you didn’t spend a fortune on them.

  1. Something Personal

What do you give someone who has everything? This is a question that we often ask ourselves, especially when wanting to get something special for our more affluent family and friends. The answer is to go personal- always go personal when you aren’t clear about any immediate needs that they have. Is the recipient’s favourite flower lavender? Buy a beautiful lavender scented bath set or lavender shortbread cookies. They will be impressed with how well you remembered their personal preferences. Maybe the gentleman you are buying for enjoys golf? Get a set of personalized balls that he will be able to show off next time he heads for the course.

       2.An experience

Buying concert or event tickets can be tricky if you aren’t clear about the recipient’s schedule and obligations. So instead, consider other events that they can schedule around their own calendar. Get a gift card to a full-service day spa that offers therapeutic massages, beauty treatments and more, or credit to an indoor sports field for a friend who is into sports. I heard of all types of interesting “experience” gifts like sausage making classes, a visit to a shooting range, or a personalised beauty consultation.


 If you are going to end up giving something that might miss the mark, why not make it a consumable that they can at least try or will eventually use up? Rather than gifting a salad bowl that they might not need or may not fit their style, consider giving a gourmet food gift basket or a scented candle. They will most likely end up at least trying it, while we all know that the bowl is just going to end up in the basement or garage along with other unwanted gifts.

         4.A gift card

Instead of going and buying something that the recipient won’t value, give them control of what the gift will be. Gift cards and certificates are a great solution for those who are hard to buy for and who are selective in their choices. If you feel like you might not be able to afford to give a card valued at a high enough price point, consider adding a small token along with it, like a nice pen, a little piece of jewelry or some scented soap. They will remember that you chose something specifically for them along with the freedom to choose whatever they want from the store the gift card is to.

          5.Go Splitsies

If you can’t come up with a great idea, ask someone else who is also planning to buy a gift for the person if you can join in. This might give the gift-ee a chance to get something too big or expensive for one person to give, like an electronic gadget or exclusive concert tickets that they really wanted.

         6.Make something

If you really want to impress your family member, friend, or colleague with your meaningful gift, make it. Everyone at the office knows that you’ve been going to pottery classes during lunch or are great with making custom furniture. Use this to your advantage to make something that money cannot buy- your time and your talent. Even if the result isn’t exactly down the recipient’s alley, he or she will be touched by your effort and your personal touch.

 So before you go and spend a fortune on a gift that yet again does not deliver the effect you want, think about what sort of strategy you can use to ensure you never miss the mark again!

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