Are You a Math Lover? Here’s Some Great Career Options For You

When i was at school I absolutely fell in love with math from an early age, I was good at it, I could grasp new areas of it at speed and I genuinely enjoyed it. I appreciate that may sound weird to many people who hate the idea of geometry, calculus and algebra but the truth is that I was just born with the type of brain that grasped these things very easily. As I was approaching college age I knew that I wanted to use my skill and my passion to go into the finance industry and I have never looked Read more [...]

How Do You Recognize a Great CFO?

Some people say that all CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) have one ambition and one ambition only: to become CEO (Chief Executive Officer). If this were true, however, you wouldn’t get people like Bob Stefanowski, who was CEO and is now CFO. Additionally, the finances of organizations would be in shambles, because every CFO would solely see their role as a stepping stone towards the new one. Rather, the position of CFO is a unique position, and one that builds on very specific strategic skills and Read more [...]

How Can You Become a CEO?

As a CEO, you will work together with a senior management team to create the vision and policies of your organizations. You will be the head of the corporation and will be the sole responsible for creating a direction, setting goal, and making sure they are met. Many CEOs complain that they are married to the job, although for Charles Phillips Infor CEO mistress is probably a better word to describe it. A CEO position is prestigious, but not anyone can do it. You need to be able to deal with stress, Read more [...]

How Charles Phillips Is Redefining His Role as Infor CEO

Charles Phillips has been CEO of Infor for some time now, and he is now at a critical point. Investing very heavily in completely changing the software the enterprise has, the time for results is now. With Charles Phillips’ wife Karen at his side to support him through this and his philanthropic enterprises, he feels he can make it. What he seems to be doing is to get Infor to catch up to other big companies. Many of the companies that he now classes as his competitors are those who saw consumerization Read more [...]

Simple Tips To Have A Stronger Start With Your Startup

Entrepreneurs normally have some huge problems when they start a brand new company because of so many different reasons. It is normally difficult to get things running right and every single experience will be different. It is really important that you do all that you can in order to improve chances of success. Because of this, based on the work of successful businessmen like Charles Phillips, here are some tips to help you start on the right foot. Always Offer Something That People Really Want Read more [...]

3 Eyebrow-Raising Facts about Steve Jobs

He was one of the world's greatest visionary’s; some have suggested that we'll struggle to see a man like him ever again. Like him or loathe him, Steve Jobs was one of a kind and left a lasting legacy not just at Apple, but the whole world. Since his death almost five years ago, even more has been released into the public domain about Jobs and exactly what made him tick. The fact that movies have been created about him says everything you need to know about the nature of this man - he was fascinating Read more [...]

Stepping up to the plate: how to be an effective business leader

When it comes to companies that succeed in the marketplace and those that stagnate and fail, the difference lies in how their chief executives motivate and lead the people under them. When the creative thought leaders in a company set an example for others to follow, it usually leads it to amazing places. For example, Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, took a company that was floundering and turned into an industry leader in the cloud computing space by refocusing the core business on SaaS apps that Read more [...]