Charles Phillips Was The Key Speaker At The Marine Corps Birthday Ball

The Marine Corps Birthday Ball of 2012 was held in South Carolina. What is really interesting then was the fact that the main speaker was Charles Phillips, a person you would not normally associate with the marine forces of USA. Even the wife of Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, was surprised of the invitation, but humbled at the same time. The fact that the Marine Corps reached the 237th birthday then was important, as every single time such a birthday is celebrated. In case you did not know, Charles Read more [...]

Cloud Computing Main Advantages And Disadvantages

Cloud computing is nowadays much more important than what many think for companies of all sizes. Using the remote servers is something that is highly beneficial and the work that was done by pioneers like Charles Phillips basically took everything to a brand new level. Cloud computing offers various interesting advantages that the business manager has to take into account. However, there are also some pretty obvious drawbacks that still exist. You need to be sure that you know both sides of the table Read more [...]

Blacks Give Back and Karen Phillips’ Support

PCO (Phillips Charitable Organizations) is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit set up by Charles Phillips, his wife Karen, and two of their friends. Charles Phillips’ wife Karen has been pivotal in driving the direction of this organization. Both her and her husband are inspirational African Americans, supporting a variety of different social, safety, and educational programs. Recently, they contributed some $250,000 to the East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP). The Phillips’ are focused strongly on Read more [...]

Ethnic Pride and the Development of African American Youths

African American people are trying, as much as possible, to connect with the spiritual and social perspective of their ancestors. There is a significance in connecting with their heritage, and this is, for many, something that has enabled them to prosper in American. Take, for instance, Karen Phillips, wife of Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, who is proud of her heritage and has studied it to a great extent. She is also using her current position to encourage more African Americans to achieve similar Read more [...]

Simple Tips To Have A Stronger Start With Your Startup

Entrepreneurs normally have some huge problems when they start a brand new company because of so many different reasons. It is normally difficult to get things running right and every single experience will be different. It is really important that you do all that you can in order to improve chances of success. Because of this, based on the work of successful businessmen like Charles Phillips, here are some tips to help you start on the right foot. Always Offer Something That People Really Want Read more [...]

Stepping up to the plate: how to be an effective business leader

When it comes to companies that succeed in the marketplace and those that stagnate and fail, the difference lies in how their chief executives motivate and lead the people under them. When the creative thought leaders in a company set an example for others to follow, it usually leads it to amazing places. For example, Charles Phillips, Infor CEO, took a company that was floundering and turned into an industry leader in the cloud computing space by refocusing the core business on SaaS apps that Read more [...]