Law Schools to Incorporate More Technology Skills Into Their Curriculum

As long schools work to attract the best and the brightest law students and prepare them for the rigors of a career in the law, they're taking a closer look at how they train students to use technology. It's not just enough to teach future lawyers about case law and rules of evidence.   Instead, technology skills are practical skills. Many technology products and software applications are routine in today's legal world and even specific to the profession. If they're going to be competent Read more [...]

The Advantages Of Using An Online Business Directory

Exposure is the key to success for businesses all over the world and what better way to get the ultimate exposure than to advertise online? The online world is home to a multitude of businesses, all vying for attention and new customers and this means that if you want your business to be competitive; you will need to make sure you have an online presence. While this means having a website that features unique content that has been optimised and an easy-to-navigate layout, there are other things that Read more [...]

Staying healthy in the office

It can seem impossible to stay healthy in the office. However, as we spend so much of our lives at work, it is important to try to make office life that bit healthier. Check out these simply tips to help you create a healthy workplace. Snack smart Avoid unhealthy snack options in favour of delicious fruit. delivers office fruit straight to your door, providing you and your co-workers with immunity boosting snacks that are perfect for a meeting or for a break in the day. Getting Read more [...]

Getting Repeat Traffic Using Email Marketing

Email marketing has long been one of the most important ways of staying in front of your customers. The key for many marketers has been to stay within industry guidelines when it comes to approaching new people and manage to make their email effective when it is sent out. Here are some tips for getting repeat traffic using email marketing: Outsource: In today's busy office world, you probably will want to focus on running campaigns and let the busy work be done by outsiders. Unless you are Read more [...]

What Types of Cyber Security Are Worth Investing In?

Cyber security has 3 basic components that are all very important and worth investing in, especially for businesses that depend on computers for day to day operations. A well-rounded cyber security plan includes these things: Education Prevention Detection Investing in all three of these components will likely help keep you or your business from falling prey to a cyber attack. Education Knowing what to do and what to look for is the first step in making sure your personal information Read more [...]